Thursday, December 8, 2011

IPYPIASM - I Was Nearly Nabbed!

I think I was suspected of nefarious doings in the Walgreens this afternoon, but I got away scot free. (What does that mean anyway – are Scot’s naturally free?) I do believe my penguin boggan was both the source of the suspicion and the dismissal of it. After all, what forty-something  woman in a penguin toboggan would actually be UP to something?

I should have known I was in trouble when I noted that the store has giant tilted mirrors along the back wall so that the employees can keep an eye on customers. Nevertheless I was pleased no one was in my aisle, so I quickly placed the poem & took the pictures.

Then I nonchalantly rounded the corner & two men in suits were heading toward me. “Can we help you find anything ma’am?” “No, I’m fine.” “Well, we like your hat.” The nerve! They thought I was suspicious until they got a good look at me. I’m insulted! Doesn’t this face look like it could be up to no good?

Oh well, at least I’ve placed another poem in a shop. I just hope they enjoyed it!

I guess you could be
A long suffering guy
Getting supplies
For his lady
But more than likely
You're a woman
In crisis
And it's either this
Or a machete
[Note - forgot to link to the mastermind behind the madness - Ms. Various Cushions herself - go here to check out her blog & see other poems in shops.]


  1. Bug! This is all-round madness, yet brilliant. Yes, that is a face of bad intent, the hat is barmy and (cue favourite misnomer) sanitary protection! That even beats the boys' underwear. And machete is right up there with isthmus.

    Genius. Go Rest of the the World!

  2. I'd have called the police on you for you sure do look suspicious! You're two for two making me laugh myself silly.

    Is there a machete aisle at Walgreens?

  3. Now I cringe every time I hear a siren...perhaps a trip to the Caymans IS in order :-)

  4. If this idea of phantom poets catches on I'll be too frightened to go to the grocery store.

  5. This "poem in a shop" is a great idea. It's sort of like certain urban graffiti -- an illicit message left for those who are observant. I love that kind of communication.

  6. Now there's a lady who is suffering for her art. I salute you, brave poetry lady, such a fun post and a great poem. Now, go get yourself a good lawyer:)

  7. great pome

    love it - and the photo of you nearly being nabbed :)

  8. Definitely a suspicious face and one that may be flashed up on TV 'Have you seen this woman?' news items.
    Brilliant poem too. Got my day off to a big grin!!

  9. Great story! Great poem! Great to have a laugh over breakfast, thanks :)

  10. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I love it!! The poem is hilarious... your expression is FANTASTIC... & I love you wear a penguin hat! I am in search of a cute hat myself... preferably a lamb.. & I even thought about being 40 yrs old & wearing it... & I thought, SCREW IT - I'm young at heart :)

  11. LOL LOL

    You made someone's day! I can just imagine someone finding that poem. They will be in a very bad mood and they will suddenly burst out laughing because of you. Humor is where it's at.

    I can't stop laughing. The pic, the hat, the poem!


    Love, love love it!

  12. This is HILARIOUS! Oh my goodness -- I laughed out loud! I don't know what's funnier -- the situation or the poem! No, the poem. Definitely the poem!

    You are a RIOT!

  13. Oh I love the poem! I think you are a bit like me...if I think someone even thinks I did something I look so guilty they are certain. I'm loving these posts.

  14. Omgosh, that is the funniest poem and this is a funny post. LOl

  15. are a genius! well I for one believe that you could do anything you wanted...if you wanted!

  16. Hilarious Bug, great story, and what a great idea and placement of the poem. Brilliant!!!

  17. Brigid pointed the way, and I followed. Glad I did.

  18. What? WHAT?! Random acts of literature? How have I missed this?

    Both the poem and the placement are hilarious. The hat doesn't hurt, either. Actually, from what I see in my Walgreens, there was no reason for anyone to pay you any mind, but my standards for normal and ordinary are a little different than some folks.

    What a wonderful post - thanks for the laugh!

  19. THAT is hysterical!

    Ah, they always seem suspicious in Walgreens...maybe if they lowered their prices a little. ;)

  20. I'd be immensely cheered to find this in a shop. I love the idea of letting poems loose with no idea of what becomes of them. That hat? I reckon you could pretty much get away with anything in it.

  21. This is hilarious!
    If you want to read another great caught-in-a-store story, go to Win's blog the last on my blog roll. LOL

  22. That's fantastic! And really scary ...

  23. You are so brave! Love the face. Finally got mine out there


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