Friday, December 16, 2011

IPYPIASM - Well This One Was Boring!

Once again, I participated in the International Put Your Poem In A Shop Month Festival (hosted by the effervescent Niamh at Various Cushions). But this time wasn't quite as exciting as last week's venture. Why there were no mirrors or men in suits, or even any other people at all on my aisle. Oh well, I still enjoy the thought of people seeing that slip of paper on the shelf & going, "what the h%$$?" Without further ado, here is my North American Poem in a Shop contribution for the week.

In case you can't read it, the poem says:

This one's too sweet.
This one's too nasty.
This whole shelf was
written by twelve
year old boys.
I just want a card
for my niece's* ex-husband's
cousin's weimaraner's
doghouse warming.
Is that too much to ask?

*Note: This is a work of fiction. My niece is 9 years old and as such doesn't actually have an ex-husband. Nor do I know anyone with a weimaraner.


  1. seriously?! they didn't have a card for that?

  2. Funny. Hallmark should seek you out!

  3. You may have just found yourself a new career:)

  4. As early as young girls grow up these days I am surprised your niece doesn`t have an ex-husband yet! Weimaraner are nice dogs. I like your poem. And your fantasy.

  5. Laughing at your poem was a great way to start the day. Have a great weekend.

  6. What? You need the thrill of the security guard's eyes on you to really feel alive? I'm sure Bonnie and Clyde started out placing poems in shops.
    As usual, a brilliant job and the poem matches the product!

  7. love love love the poem! great stuff

  8. I know what you mean about jonesin' for the danger; the thrill of the "Put" requires ever-more risk for the same rush. I'm sure there will be a 12-step program someday. Great poem!

  9. I. LOVE. IT. We need to send that to Hallmark.

  10. Not a bit boring! I'm sure whoever finds your works of art enjoys them.

  11. I have a feeling Hallmark may come looking for you... to add you to their stable of card writers. :)

  12. Love it! And you know - that's not so "out there" at all. Hallmark just has started a line of cards for people who have been laid off or downsized. Divorce cards are all over the place, not to mention happy birthday to the parakeet.

    You may have a Hallmark headhunter on your doorstep soon.

  13. i love you poem...what a fun one for them to find as well...would love to see their


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