Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A Post for Wednesday

I find that I don’t know what to do with myself since I finished up the ABC series. Did that series use up all my words? Well, maybe, but that won’t stop me from using some now. Here are some bullet points:

• Last night Dr. M & I looked out the door & saw snow! As my Facebook status said, these were my first flakes of the season (not counting my family from last week). Hardy har. I still get excited when I see snow – this emotion is left over from when I was a kid in North Carolina and snow seemed very rare. As long time readers of this blog know, I don’t actually like cold weather very much, and by February the excitement will have dimmed quite a bit. However, I have a new penguin toboggan that I can’t wait to wear (that’s what we call it where I’m from - do you call a knitted cap a toboggan?)

• Speaking of regional differences, do you say that you are ON line at the grocery store or IN line? I say that I’m in line & I think it sounds really weird to say on line. But as I examine what the words mean I don’t really know that my way is better or worse – it’s just what I’m used to.

• This year when my doctor called to say that they needed to take further pictures because they saw something on my mammogram I decided to not freak out like last year. I didn’t announce it on Facebook or my blog, telling only a handful of folks about it. And I really did seriously feel very calm. I went for the additional mammogram on Monday & they didn’t see anything at all. Apparently when they squinched me the first time it caused some sort of false lump. This time with the extra squinching (ow! ow! ow!) there was nothing there. That was a nice reward for my feeling of serenity.

• I just saw someone walk by with three inch heels on. I looked down at them because she was walking kind of funny so I wanted to see her shoes. You know, it’s not sexy when you have to walk sort of pigeon toed because your shoes are too tall. Of course, I’m a fine one to talk – if I were to try to wear something like that I’d fall over, which I assure you is even more not sexy. Ha!

Well, I’m going to just throw this on out there. You’ll probably see more drivel like this as I feel my way back toward blogging.

P.S. If you look at my sidebar you can see what I’m reading. I’m fairly certain that none of these books will have me sobbing at the end. Fairly certain.


  1. "In line" is the expression I grew up with, and in our computer age I think being "online" now means something different. I'm glad your medical scare proved uneventful. No matter what you say I'm sure it gave you pause. Best wishes.

  2. Most definitely, when I'm waiting with others all in a row, I'm in line. When I see a crack and place my foot there, I'm on a line. I've no clue if I'm right or wrong.

    I call my hats by their pattern names, such as my Nordic ski hat, or better and a recent favorite, my wurm. I will say, "have you seen my wurm?" The entire family looks at me like I'm nuts.

    Glad to hear the mammogram was normal.

    Are you sure that woman was wearing the right sized shoe? Aunt Honey used to wear her shoes two sizes too small--sort of like her heart--and as a result, always had a funny gait and a furrowed brow. Hah. No lie.

  3. in line, as in 'standing in a line'. on line sounds like you are standing on top of a line or you are browsing the 'net. just me.

    glad the mammo came out clear.

    3" heels? I thought 4" heels were extreme but now I am seeing 6" heels! Ladies, get a grip!

  4. glad your second squinching went well...smiles...and i so want snow!!!!! i am in line, for sure...and my phone wont let me get on line when i am in line which is probably a good thing...

  5. We had snow here this time last year, but this year it is still quite mild for winter.
    Thankyou for the lovely comment you left on my blog. If you scroll back through my posts to 4th Nov you will be able to see all the pages plus the poem my cousin wrote which inspired me to make the book. I had intended to make them in their correct order, but gradually chickened out and saved the hardest ones till last.

  6. I had a friend who grew up in New York and he always said "on line". But he was the first person I'd ever heard use that expression.

    As for a toboggan, I think you're putting the wrong end in it. I thought it was a kind of sled.

  7. In line for me. And I'm with you on the snow. I like moderation. Glad the exam went well.

    You have a fun blog. Thanks for sharing. :)


  8. Good news on the mammogram. I have trouble walking in 1 inch heels. Most of my shoes are flat. If I were skinny.. I might attempt wearing a heel every now and then. On a daily basis....I think they have to be really unhealthy.

  9. Toboggan on your head?! Too weird. In line - not weird at all. The only way to queue. Yay for the second squinching all clear.

    One of the boys is reading Artemis Fowl! You can compare notes.

  10. On line? really? I'm a southern girl, so it's definitely a "toboggan"!
    Glad the results turned out okay.

  11. I'm glad that my readers, at least, agree on "in line" - makes me feel better :)

    It was 20 degrees when I left the house this morning so I wore my new penguin toboggan today - check back on Saturday & you can see a picture.

    Titus - I LOVE Artemis Fowl! I'm reading the 3rd one (I think). Actually I'm listening to it - love the accents :)

  12. I can't wait for snow, I stand in line, and I only wear comfortable shoes.

    I just can't force myself to squish my toes into those sexy shoes and I would look like a linebacker trying to walk in them.

    So very happy to hear that your second mammogram showed nothing malicious. I had the same sort of scare last year.

    We're so lucky! Celebrate! I'll toast to you tonight!

  13. We called them toboggans as well until we moved to Wisconsin. My son (fifth grade) was laughed at and came home to warn me never to call them that or people would make fun of you.

    BTW: Any areas in Haywood County higher than 4,000 feet receive TONS more snow every winter than those in even slightly lower elevations.

  14. I like posts like this -- everyday thoughts! Nice!

    I always thought a toboggan was a sled. And I say "in line."

  15. Latelatelatelate...

    But all caught up now re: the mammogram, and hooray for that.

    I think "on line" is a British-ism originally. All my British friends say that. I'm standing in line, and in my sensible shoes, let me tell you. I saw a woman wearing those platform thingies last night, and she was listing to port. I got out of there and don't know if she managed to right herself or not. ;)


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