Tuesday, November 8, 2011


I wrote this poem back in May for a couple of poetry prompts. It’s always my standard response about why I (born and raised in the Southern Baptist Church) am now an Episcopalian. When I wrote the poem I really really wanted to put “Food Fight!” at the end. And wouldn’t that be fun? Open can be uncomfortable, but why shouldn’t it be fun too?


Beggar blind man rich man fool
Teacher’s pet & satan’s tool
The watchful waiting wary too
All are welcome at the table

The first the last the meek & mild
Weakened hearts and Thursday’s child
Wicked warped and undefiled
All are welcome at the table

Ancient crones and newborn souls
Ishmael Isaac Vishnu Joe
The undecided and in the know
All are welcome at the table

Come in come in it’s almost time
I’ll wash your feet and you wash mine
Eat the bread and drink the wine
Just join me at the table!


  1. I missed this poem back in May but really enjoyed it today!

  2. As you probably know, I'm not a believer but I liked this poem. I sent a link to an Episcopalian friend of mine in Flagstaff.

  3. What do Episcopalians stand for? Feeding the poor?
    When I spent my year in PA, I also attended a Fundamental Baptist church. The people were very nice to me. They only laughed at my English accent. There was no food, though.

  4. Great poem, Dana :)

    Hugs & love,

  5. I love this...and thankyou for putting me in the poem....I am Thursday's Child!....lovely

  6. I love this one, especially "All are welcome at the table." So often we forget that in our exclusion of anyone who might have a different thought than we.

    I was raised Southern Baptist and married a devout Catholic. Don't know who cried more...my mother because we married in the Catholic Church (the cathedral no less) or my husband's mother because we didn't have a mass during the ceremony. At the time, I would not have been welcome at the table at my own wedding because I was Protestant. So we decided not to have communion at all.


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