Sunday, November 6, 2011


I know it’s kind of a loan.

But it’s long term and don’t you forget it.

(I also consider any chocolate in the house to be mine, but that’s a little more negotiable.)


  1. My daughter said she and her husband were going to have their rings inscribed with, "A deal's a deal."

  2. "Mine" was what my cat said to me after I got home from my ten day trip north. She was referring to the bed. Not a chance for me to climb in, until she relented and allowed me back.

    "Yours" looks like a fine fellow - but as for that chocolate... I'm not so sure I'd be willing to negotiate that!

  3. She should have mentioned that we were in Savannah after Christmas...a bit chilly, but beautiful, as was the time we spent walking the beach at Hilton Head. I am know that...for as long as I live. I sense this is the gist of your post: stay alive, you silly man ;-)

  4. Perfect! I like Karen's comment, too.

  5. Chocolate is negotiable until it's mine. You guys look great together!

  6. Did you cut his head off and stick it back on again?

  7. Nice picture! Savannah is great,enjoy.
    Not negotiating my dark chocolate-
    I do share, but there better be one last piece...I have given the last bit to my hubby on occasion.

  8. Such a lovely happy picture, it's a loan you can keep renewing!!

  9. True that! Yesterday we celebrated our fourtieth anniversary! Who'da thunk?

  10. hahaha
    I'm afraid I have to fight for the chocolate in my house -- and we're both fans of the really good dark stuff.


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