Thursday, November 17, 2011


Well, what do you know – another word on my ABCs of Gratitude list that makes no sense. I’m pretty sure that I was just writing down words that began with the appropriate letter instead of considering what they really meant. However, I will work with what my brain spewed out instead of cheating & choosing a nice word like “Vast” or “Vicissitude.” Let’s see how I do.

One of the definitions of Vend is: To offer (an idea, for example) for public consideration. Well now, I can work with that! For what is this blog, but a place to offer my fabulous mediocre interesting ideas to you, the public?

I started the blog because I was reading & commenting on other blogs & felt like I should offer those folks a place to say hello back. I had an additional goal of working on my writing skills and perhaps beginning to write poetry more regularly again. And I wanted to entertain, in a forum that felt safer to me than face to face interaction.

I think I’ve met those goals pretty well over the couple of years I’ve been writing here. I was going to be all self deprecating, but I’ll just say that I enjoy writing here & I feel like I’ve written some good poetry (sometimes – other times I hold my nose while reading it).

But what I didn’t expect was the feeling of family. You come here to read & I go to your place to read & we get to know each other so that I almost feel like I could go & stay at your house if I were in your neck of the woods. (For the record, I like a nice fat pillow & lots of blankets).

People who don’t have cyber friends don’t really get it – but at least in the places where we intersect here on the interwebs, I feel like we’re family. I want to know how your day is going and whether you got the job/award/new shoes. And you guys do a good job of acting like you want to know about my life too. It’s all very affirming. And I’m grateful for the opportunity to vend my mental wares and browse through yours. Hmm – that sounded dirtier than I meant it!


  1. I, for one, am glad you vend (and occasionally vent) here on the blogs. I remember the first time I "met" you on the Poetry Bus. I'm so glad we took the same route! I was even thinking that I'm probably half-way between Xenia and home. Big pillows here!

  2. I agree with you that bloggers are like family. I haven't been at this as long as many of you but I get far more out of it than I'd imagined I would.

  3. I look forward to visiting and being visited ! I wish there were a way to put a comment box on the page for in between times! Or extra explanations, answers, etc.

  4. Lots of squishy fat pillows and hand made and cozy blankies here. Just sayin'!

  5. Yay vending!

    One of the most pleasant side-effects of blogging, for me, has been meeting so many cyberfriends. I've enjoyed hanging out with many of them in "real life" (?) as well. (Your time is coming, Bug!)

  6. Oh Dana, I was smiling and laughing and nodding my head through the whole post :) Amen to all you said!

    Vend away, girl!

  7. Ooh I'm loving these offers of pillows :)

  8. well, you could stay here no problem.

  9. I always enjoy your posts and I am going to name you at my first Oscar ceremony as one of the people who encourage me to keep writing (a bit optimistic, I know, us brunettes need to dream). I have met some bloggers in reality and they were like meeting old friends, we develop a bond through all the subjects we write about.


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