Tuesday, November 1, 2011


What in the world? Seriously, I was truly in some sort of trance when I wrote these words down. What could insulation possibly have to do with gratitude?

Well, considering my substantial back side perhaps my subconscious was referring to my natural insulation. Or maybe it was thinking of the way that I can turn off the world when I’m reading a good book.

Or…I have a terrible memory. If you’ve offended me I’m not likely to remember why for very long & I’ll even forget that I’m supposed to be mad at you after a while. In fact, I feel certain that I’ve already shared this trait (more than once), but I don’t remember.

And isn’t it nice to live in this nice cushioned room with unremembered grievances? I’m shielded from the distress of being hurt whenever I think about them. Because I don’t think about them.

Now this isn’t to say that I don’t have a list of things that go in Dr. M’s minus column*, but they’re amorphous. If I were asked to give a concrete example of an offense I would probably not be able to be that specific. In fact, I’m sitting here trying to even come up with a category (snoring? Falling asleep during a documentary now that I’m hooked on it so I have to stay up to watch it?) – I don’t really have anything. I’m not very good at keeping score.

And that’s where this turns into gratitude. Who needs to keep score anyway? Why can’t every day be a fresh start with a person, full of the possibility of lovingkindness? Forget yesterday – I certainly do. And I’ll just go ahead & issue a blanket apology right now to folks I may have offended – because you know I’m not going to remember doing it anyway!

*Dr. M’s pluses so vastly outweigh the minuses that I’m even embarrassed to use him as an example. Our marriage isn’t perfect, but my goodness do I get treated like a queen! I feel like the worst sort of heel whenever I complain. Although I am having to be responsible for dinner a lot lately. What’s up with that Mr. Works-More-Hours-Than-I-Do-Now?


  1. Good one for me Bug, as I am the harbourer from hell. I can grudge back to 1970!
    I admire and applaud you.

  2. And isn’t it nice to live in this nice cushioned room with unremembered grievances?

    This would make a great first sentence for a short story with a Poe-esque style. You really do have a nice way with language.

  3. Great post with words of wisdom for all.

    The only thing disagreement my husband and I remember is who owes the other the fifty-thousand-dollar bet that we make on practically everything.

  4. Thanks Nance!

    Carolyn - I laughed out loud at your bet. Dr. M & I should start doing that!

  5. Oh, I issue blanket apologies too for just is case but not because I don't remember that I was rude but because I usually don't realize it. Heck, I'll even apologise in advance.

  6. "Accentuate the positive, delineate the negative, latch on to the affirmative and don't mess with Mr. Inbetween." This is a song from back in the days of Bing Crosby. It is wonderful to have a memory that is so forgiving. These are inspiring words for me Bug. Insular. =D

  7. My wife forgives me all the time, even for things I didn't do....

  8. I used to hold grudges. I always said it was because I was a stubborn Iris woman. Aging has one fabulous reward...called forgetfulness. I live day by day...minute by minute...because that is about all I can remember.
    I think you did a great post on the letter I.

  9. "I’m shielded from the distress of being hurt whenever I think about them. Because I don’t think about them" That's the secret, wish my memory worked that way.


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