Project 365 – Week Fifty-Three

Wow – 53 weeks & not one missed picture - although there were a few slightly odd ones. I can't believe Dr. M & I didn't miss a single day. I think my New Year's Resolution will be to do the same thing next year – I think I can be reasonably sure to actually achieve that. As promised, I'm starting this week on Saturday, Christmas Day (although Dr. M snuck on here & posted a picture on Saturday last week). And I'm ending on Friday again – I want to start the new year fresh next week. Then I'll get back on track.  

Saturday, December 25th – Christmas Day!
It started snowing Christmas morning, and by the time we left the nursing home after spending lunch with Dr. M's mom (who was thrilled to see him) this was what it looked like.

That evening Daddy wanted me to take a picture of the mini pecan they found. They get these periodically & apparently they're perfectly formed & very tasty. And cute!

Sunday, December 26th
So it just kept on snowing. No church for us today! I have a post showing some of the lovely snowy scenery here, but here are a couple of bird pictures. Daddy & Amy have a wealth of cardinals – it is the state bird of NC after all.

And here is a blue jay who apparently has a taste for Old Roy dog food.

Monday, December 27th
Lots of pictures today. We pass these flags when we go to the nursing home. I'd like to say that it's because the local high school mascot is the Rebels, but I'm sure we all know what they really mean. Sigh.

Of course we have pictures of sheep – this time they're Lincoln County, NC sheep. I think they're well insulated from the snow!

That evening we went to Dr. M's aunt & uncle's house for soup & sandwiches. Afterward Dr. M enjoyed her new recliner – it has a built-in massager.

Tuesday, December 28th
Dr. M took a picture of the sunrise on Tuesday.

I went to lunch at Atlanta Bread Company with my cousin KJ. She didn't really want me to take her picture, but we Project 365ers are ruthless. Heh. We had a great time - & didn't nearly get done talking.

I wanted evidence that I did eat something besides cake while we were in NC.
Wednesday, December 29th
We headed home on Wednesday. I had lost my sunglasses so we got new ones at a truck stop. I think I'm the stuff LOL.

Here's part of our journey. We were joking that we weren't sure we'd make it up that snow covered road in the distance (click on the picture to make it larger). Don't worry – there's a tunnel. And we know that's not really a road :)

Thursday, December 30th
Laid back day of doing not much but laundry & putting away Christmas presents. I got Dr. M this sock monkey wine cover.

Friday, December 31st – New Year's Eve!
Today we went to Yellow Springs to eat lunch and wander around the shops. It's a nice little new age-ish kind of place. There's a clothing shop I told Dr. M he has to bring me back to when I lose 20 pounds. After that we went to the mall in Springfield to go to the Christopher & Banks (sweater sale!) and to get some calendars. No pictures of any of that. However, here is a clue to where we went next. What treat do you imagine we had?

On our way out we saw this bush with a very content fluffed out bird ensconced. What a cutie.

We will likely not stay up until midnight tonight – but we'll see. I have a book to read. Anything could happen! So once again I'll wish everyone a Happy New Year! I'll be documenting it again – can't wait to see what pictures we end up with!

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  1. congrats on finishing a year! i just finished my second year and i stuggled much more than with the first. however, thanks to my phone, i did always have some sort of photo each day. i think i'll do it again too! great pictures!

  2. Dear The Bug,
    Well, I'd say that's the recliner to get and the sunglasses are perfect!

    It looks like a good Christmas though turkey-less? (heh). And congratulations on 365 days of photography! I think I took a million pictures, sometimes 80 in one freaking day, but never so good at taking them Every day.

    Seriously, you look mag in those shades.

    Happy New Year! All the best!
    Ann T.

  3. I've enjoyed your series this year! Happy New Year to you and Dr. M!

  4. I know from experience that p365 makes one ruthless! And lots of pictures of food ended up in my lot (while I was doing it) because I just didn't get out much!

    What flavor of ice cream did you get on your journey, and where can I get one of those recliners?

  5. I do like sock monkey! Hsppy New Year and thanks for being so dedicated to showing us these snapshots of your lives.

  6. I love the bluejay eating dog food, and Dr. M on the couch. And you smiling, wearing your cool shades.

    Happy 2011!

  7. I am loving the sock monkey craze!!! Never saw a wine bottle cover before - LOVE IT!

    Those sunglasses make you look like a STAR! :)

  8. 53 weeks! ha!! it does feel like that!

    wow your week went from snow to no snow!!

    It does feel like a great accomplishment to finish...I however did miss a few day so I am proud of you!

  9. Congrats on not missing one day! Wow! I'm going to jump back into the project posting my Jan 1st pic tomorrow.

    Loved all the birds and of course, the sunglasses. :)

    Happy New Year!

  10. happy new year !!!

    Loved sunglasses and the sheep.

    Glad u are continuing on with P365.

  11. Week 53..Love it!! :)
    You experienced a lot of weather.
    The sunglasses look good. How did you happen to see that bird in the tree? I don't know if I would've caught it.
    Have a super week!!

  12. Loved all the pics. Happy New Year!

  13. The first snow picture is stunning and I love the cardinal one, too. I love your sense of humor (Dr M's too). You are rockin the shades!

    That's one is safe from us get too close you will probably get burned.

    Glad you are going another year.

  14. Nice new shades! Yes, I can only imagine what those flags imply. That little bird was definately worthy of a picture :)

    Happy 2011!

  15. Enjoyed your photos. Looking forward to joining in on the P365 this year. Blessings, SusanD

  16. Great pictures. How do you get them in frames? I love the finished look.

  17. Congradulations on a whole year of beautiful pictures. I stand in awe of your accomplishment. I could never be that with it. I am loving all your snow picutres. Yesterday we had a high of 70. Not the winter I would like.

  18. It looks like a great finish to the year.


  19. Cute photo of you! Do I detect penguins on your turtleneck? ;)
    Looks like a beautifully snowy Christmas and good times with family and good food. And back home for the new year.
    I liked your numbering system--week 53. Then start fresh.
    Congrats on wining Sara's drawing. Have fun making your beautiful book.

  20. Great week in pictures, I love cardinals, they remind me of my grandpa!

    I was super late tot he 365 party last night but I'm up and running!

    Blessings for a wonderful New Year!

  21. Thank you for your sweet comments! I'm on board for another year and am looking forward to following your 365 blog too! :)

  22. You ARE the stuff with those sunglasses on!

  23. Love the new sunglasses. Super sassy. Also, you had me at recliner with a massager in it. I have a raging headache right now that could use that chair. Ugh.
    Happy New Year!

  24. What a great week!! Love the bird pix, as always. Too cute! And the snow. We're a little jealous down here. Sigh... Maybe jealous of the chair massager, as well. Maybe. ;)

  25. My goal is to take half as good photos as you do!

    You are totally rockin' it in those new shades!

  26. Well... considering I just started following your blog... I get to comment on this one because it was the very last one that popped up on my reader!!

    I know EXACTLY where The Udder Way and Scoop-Deville Lane are!! YOUNGS DAIRY!!! Oh man... I LOVED that place when I lived in Ohio! Such yummy ice cream! And food!! Now I'm slightly home sick, but I can say that I miss UDF PB Shakes much more than Youngs! And Servattis' fresh doughnuts in the mornings! Mmmmm!


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