Sunday, January 2, 2011

Sunday Afternoon Conversation

We had been discussing our supper plans – having had a nice lunch at Applebee's we decided to have a light supper. 

Me: Ooh – I'll have a peanut butter, jelly & banana sandwich. 

Dr. M: Good idea, we have all those ingredients. 

Me: Maybe I'll add a slice of ham – it'll almost be like eating a Monte Cristo.


Me: Except for the peanut butter… 

Dr. M: …and the banana and the not being deep fried. 

Me: Yeah, except for those things it's exactly like eating a Monte Cristo. Yum!

Bennigan's Monte Cristo


  1. tell me that's not powdered on a deep fried piece of ham.

  2. No! It’s a ham & cheese sandwich, deep fried, served with powdered sugar & raspberry jam on the side. It’s really tasty. Really!

  3. One of my husband's favorite sandwhiches was the Monte Cristo... yummy!

  4. That would put my tummy over the edge, but man, it sounds reallllllly yummy for some odd reason.

  5. i don't think we have these in the uk - sounds interesting anyway

  6. Deep fried sandwiches? I am intrigued. Do you just make the sandwich and then deep fry it in oil? Please tell more.

  7. I can't remember the last time we had one of these. The Bug liked to order this sandwich when we went to Bennigan's, but we haven't lived near a Bennigan's in many years. If you are feeling adventurous, or just curious as to how it's made, here's a link:

  8. I love Monte Cristos! I make mine like grilled cheese, though, and not deep-fried. It's just a wee bit healthier. You know, with all that ham, cheese, jam and sugar to take into account.

  9. Exactly, alter ego! The Bug made some sort of comparable, yummy sandwich yesterday that she pan-grilled to save "points". She'll no doubt tell you all about it when she gets time :-)

  10. looks a bit mad, like a croque monsieur, that one is shallow fried, and microwaved then to melt the cheese, this is makin me hungry!

  11. Dear The Bug,
    This is a hilarious story.

    "If we had some peanut butter, we could make a sandwich, if we had some bread."

    Ann T.

  12. I believe I saw Martha make a Monte Cristo once. It looked delicious but deadly. Deep fried... Oh, boy!


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