Saturday, January 8, 2011

2011 Project 365 – Weeks One & Two

So did you guys like how I had 53 weeks in the year? I am such a DITZ sometimes. Heh. Therefore I'm including weeks one and two this week (of course week one is just for one day). Also, I apparently wanted to start the year with a bang – 23 pictures this week!

Saturday, January 1st – New Year's Day
We decided to just stay in on the 1st and enjoy a leisurely day. I did some reading of a library book I downloaded onto my netbook.

I'm sorry this picture isn't very clear – it was taken through the kitchen door which kept fogging up. But I really wanted to include a picture of Kung Fu Squirrel this week. Hi-Ya!

Sunday, January 2nd
We went on a ramble to see what was going on in the world. We tried to take pictures of some frozen ponds.

Dr. M had to say a sad farewell to a bag of shredding that had been in his car for a month or more.

While we were out we had this conversation. When we got home I decided to go for it & made my peanut butter, jelly, banana, ham & cheese sandwich. Wow it was good!

Monday, January 3rd
The Tax Time Pig dressed for the new year.

Dr. M took pictures of these geese flying. I could not decide which picture to use, so you get them all. I like the geometry of the pictures.

Tuesday, January 4th
As you can see, our bird feeder attracts an eclectic group.

Every night when I get home, this sight greets me. He's sitting on our swing that we're storing in the garage for winter. He gives me the evil eye as I pull in. Today Dr. M had plugged him in so I laughed when I saw him.

Here's a better picture that's not taken through my windshield.

Wednesday, January 5th
Another squirrel picture – I just think they're so cute.

It started snowing while I was at work. This is supposed to be a picture of me with snow in my hair. However, it just looks like I'm in a bad mood.

Here's my car before I cleared the snow off - just a dusting.

Thursday, January 6th
Our bird bath cracked. Which is sad, but I love this icicle that formed from the crack.

There are three birds in this picture, but only the cardinal isn't camouflaged.

Friday, January 7th
More snow on Friday – Dr. M took this on his way home from school.

Saturday, January 8th
More snow (more opportunities to grow!). Here are some indignant penguins – I have to cater to their wide internet following. Heh.

Our neighbor loaned us his snow blower and Dr. M spent a while clearing our driveway, the neighbor's driveway, the sidewalk down the block & around the corner, and the sidewalk down the other direction from our house. He's such a good Samaritan.

I had mentioned in an earlier post that I broke down & got a Kindle. So far my favorite feature is that you can increase the print size – don't need to wear my reading glasses to read it! I'll be doing a separate post later with my "official review."

As I am posting this at nearly 4:00 it's snowing again. The heavy sighs you hear are Dr. M watching his hard work being undone.

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  1. that's the best reason I've heard for getting a kindle.

  2. Good luck with your 365 challenge. There are great photos and commentary.

  3. Ok, that sandwich is just a little weird sounding!!

    We are actually supposed to get snow here this weekend...we shall see....everyone is panicking! Ha!

    Question, they have changed things up at blurb and I am not sure I like it. So I want to give you the option to have your gift certificate From somewhere else if you want.....shutter fly, snap-fish? Just let me know

  4. Aren't icicles just the coolest things? You know, the "dusting" would've meant bad driving conditions here!

  5. @Mary: Indeed! This time of year, "dustings" often turn into 2-3 inches accumulation, and it's so cold that the snow doesn't melt, so windy that it just keeps blowing back into the roads. Yes, we use tons upon tons of salt on our roads, but even with that, there are days when you just churn through the snow, whereas back in NC they would have shut everything down. We learned years ago to do two things: 1) always buy front wheel or all wheel drive vehicles; 2) keep good tires on them!

  6. Love your Kung Fu Squirrel, so cute!

    So far the Kindle has been good to you, huh? I'm still pondering...

  7. Your kung fu squirrel cracks. me. up. That icicle is really cool. Bella spent a lot of time in Iowa "collecting" icicles. She would love the penguin greeting her, and I have seriously thought about getting one of those for her next Christmas.

    Love all your pictures, as usual.

  8. You always make me laugh... this time it was the Kung Fu Squirrel and you know how I love that pig. Of course, he would get all decked out for the New Year. I have to say, I'm lovin' those wacky penguins, too. Thanks once again for the laughs.

  9. Yes, I am one of the indignant penguin followers! (altho almost every time I read "indigent" instead of indignant)

    You and Dr. M crack me up! I hope some day we get to meet in person :)

    Always enjoy your photos AND your commentary -- they go together like peanut butter and banana...and apparently a few other ingredients :)

    Have a great week!

  10. Don't know what we'd do if we could not see the Tax Time Pig and the Indignant Penguins! :c) Dang, I hate that your cool bird bath cracked.

  11. Kung Fu squirrel is a hoot! I've got a Kindle app on my iPad and I concur: very convenient to increase the font size. Also, I find it more restful to have white lettering on a black background.

  12. It snowed off and on Friday which was incredibly annoying. We got about three inches of snow in total, but the way it fell was a pain and required several clean ups.

    I love that photo of the outed cardinal in all his glory.

  13. I am very sad about the bird bath. I'll have to look for a replacement, for sure. I should not have left it out, as it is ceramic, and so more vulnerable to freezing/thawing than other materials might have been. I may have to post a "birdbath Saturday" retrospective as a memorial :-) You have no idea how many pics I have of birds playing in that bath!

  14. I think you look adorable in the snow-hair picture. Very cute!

  15. Great week(s)! You look like a 15 year-old girl in that snow picture. Love the wildlife and that you take the time to notice it all.

    I'll be interested to hear what you think of Kindle. I'm not a fan of having my eyes on a computer screen for more than it is already, but I like the idea of it.

  16. HAHA - your "bad mood"/snow picture... I think its just making you look like you're trying not to laugh! ;)

    That crack is cool in your bird bath... but poor bird bath!

    Beautiful cardinal!!!!

  17. I always like to see you in a photo with or without snow in your hair.

    Snow seems to be the dominant topic in blogs these days.
    Where I live we have no snow , but during the spring months we get the 'hamsin'.

    Hamsin is a dry, hot, dusty wind blowing from the deserts of North Africa - and it becomes the dominant topic in our conversations and writing, just as snow is in yours.

  18. I just ordered a cover and light for my Kindle! My hubs, who isn't really a reader, is even using it!

    Hugs & love,

  19. I love how you look at life. You'd be the best person to go on a walk with; I'd just think of getting back to the house to get hot chocolate, but you really capture the outdoors well. It almost motivates me to get out there. Ha!

    Fun week. Love the penguins and the Hi-ya squirrel.

  20. Can't wait to hear what you think abt the kindel...I am on the fence!

    I miss miss my squirrel, we tons of them at our last house but we do not have enough trees to attract them in my neighborhood now!

    Great week!


  21. That icicle on the birdbath is too cool. The sandwich sounds oddly delicious, not sure I'm brave enough to try it on my own, though.

  22. The sandwich is crazy...but yet it looked good. What kind of camera do you use because that picture of the squirrel is really good through the window. Very close up too. Love the bird pictures and of course the tax time pig. Hilarious.

  23. Hope you like your Kindle. I received one from Rick for Christmas. I'm hoping to load a couple of my textbooks on it to save my back. I'm not sure about that sandwich.... LOL

  24. I must say, that's some kind of weird sandwich you like. LOL We're supposed to get snow and freezing rain tomorrow, so I think I'll stay inside. Great pics of the geese and squirrel and I totally see the snow in your hair. :)

  25. Dear The Bug,
    Second time to visit, first time to comment--I love these slice of life pix you do.

    I love that you were greeted by a Mad Penguin when you got home--Welcome home there!

    Ann T.

  26. Reading and rambling, writing and eating, squirrels and penguins, snow and special sandwiches. Love them all!
    I recently made a non-deep fried variation of Monte Cristos.
    BTW, I just knew you'd be drooling over the penguin ornament in my post. Maybe my friend would sell it to you :)

  27. Great photos here! Love the squirrel.


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