Friday, January 7, 2011

Does She Do Nothing But Ramble?

Last night I dreamed that I encountered a black bear in the forest (or a grizzly – I don’t know. All I know is that it wasn’t white). I stood stock still and we eyed each other for a minute. Then it looked like he thought, “meh,” and turned to go away. That’s when I whipped out my camera to take a picture of him for my Project 365. All righty then – is this getting out of control?

I had gotten some money for Christmas & I finally decided to get a Kindle. It came last night and I’ve already downloaded four (free) books. I think I’ll still enjoy reading real books more, but there are some situations that call for a Kindle. Like when you’re trying to eat your lunch & the fat paperback won’t stay propped open on the right page. Or when you’re going on vacation & you don’t want to lug four books with you. Or when you’re reading in bed at night & it’s easier to not have to flip pages (this is really the scenario that sold me). Anyway, the four books I downloaded are:
  • Letters of Catherine Benincasa by Saint of Siena Catherine
  • Against All Odds (Heroes of Quantico Series, Book 1) by Irene Hannon
  • Invisible (Ivy Malone Mystery Series #1) by Lorena McCourtney
  • The Holy Bible English Standard Version (ESV) by a bunch of people and God
As you can see, a bit of a variety. Keep in mind these were free – I’m going to try very hard to not just buy random books because it’s so easy. We’ll see how long I hold out.

Yesterday I had the opportunity to practice my new attitude toward snow. It started snowing sometime around 4:00 & was coming down thick & heavy for a while. I left work a little early & started my trek home. And, really, the snow was not a problem. If I cursed at all, it was toward the other drivers who seemed inordinately cautious. Even then I told myself to calm down because their cars probably didn’t handle these conditions as well as my excellent car does. Talking to myself helped somewhat, but I’m glad no one was trying to take my blood pressure at the end of the drive.

I am considering a poetry break. Some of you of you are saying, “Oh no!” Some of you are saying, “Thank God!” And some of you are saying, “She writes poetry?” But it’s just for a week or so. The Christmas season seemed to be packed with poetry, which was nice, but the brain needs replenishing. With the Heroes of Quantico and elderly ladies solving mysteries, apparently. However, if I can somehow match my epic poem, “Sally Jo’s Curtains,” (circa 1974) to a meme I will certainly post it. Oh, and Wordzzle’s are back – woo hoo!

OK, enough rambling. You may now resume going about your business.


  1. OK... you'll have to do a review once you get used to your Kindle & how you like it. I want one just to keep my desk at work & be able to read on the sly! :)

  2. Dreaming of wild animals evoke for Freud people in an excited sensual state. They may also represent emotions that we may keep caged in unconscious. Wild beasts may also symbolize our deepest fears.

  3. poetry is nice but I miss the 'goings on'.

  4. I'm so jealous!

    Let me know what you think of the St. Catherine thing, she's my favorite. :)

    Thinking of you ...

  5. I think I begin to hanker after a kindle - the reading in bed thing is getting to me too...

  6. It is like me the Iowa girl trying to drive in Arizona in the rain. People who live in Arizona don't know how to drive in the rain...clearly.

    You keep ramblin' I'll keep reading..k?

  7. Dear The Bug,
    I like the memes, but I think you do sos metimes run out of inspiration.

    After all, "spiration" refers to breath, and sometimes some has to come in before it comes out!

    So ramble at will. Probably all those connections and random thoughts, impressions and evaluations have to be sorted before the next wave!

    Besides, it is ALL good.

    Ann T.

  8. I have mixed feelings about my Kindle as well. I find it difficult to read really complex books since it's cumbersome to flip back to review something. I tend to download things like the new Mark Twain autobiography and it's really great for poetry.

    As for rambling...ramble on Bug!

  9. You make me smile.

    I like your reasons for a kindle very much.

    Heh, I just picked up War and Peace at the library yesterday. There were maybe twelve volumes of it in various sizes and weights. Would you believe I went for the biggest, because it was the biggest and heaviest? What was I thinking? Oh, it also has beautiful illustrations. There are probably better considerations for which volume of War and Peace to read, like which translation is best, etc. This grizzly bear of a book would be a very good candidate for a kindle!

  10. That would be my only complaint too Carolyn. Going back to try and find a passage that you "meant" to add to your "clippings" but didn't. Cumbersome to say the least. And sometimes, when I "sync to furthest page read" it does not seem to work so well, especially if I've been hunting all over for that clip. But, other than that, I LOVE my Kindle.

    As for you Ms Bug, you never ramble my dear. You only enlighten and entertain. ;c)

  11. Kindle, Hmmm. Seems brave to me- although
    very curious- usually, I'm told it is difficult to 'browse' with. Enjoy! I
    certainly get your points about bulky and heavy...Thanks.

  12. Ha! Dreaming about blogging kind of makes me wonder just how much time do I spend reading and writing blogs?
    My SIL said she dropped her kindle down the elevator shaft when they were on vacation over the holidays. It was in a case, and when the maintenance people freed her kindle, it didn't have a scratch. I'm seriously considering one, but I'm just not 100% sure.

  13. Thanks for giving my book ("Against All Odds") a try. I'd love to know what you think after you finish it. Just drop me a line via my website at

    As for the Kindle--I haven't taken the plunge yet, either. I still love the feel of a book in my hands!


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