Monday, January 24, 2011

Monday Miscellanea

There was much rejoicing in the Bug household this weekend: my cold has been kicked to the curb - & it took that annoying cough with it. The only lingering symptom is that my voice wants to go away too. Dr. M might consider that a blessing except that its absence hasn’t made me stop talking, so I’m even more annoying. I exaggerate – my voice isn’t really all the way gone, just trying to head that way.

I took a three hour nap yesterday. Three Hours! And had no trouble at all getting to sleep last night. So of course I’m concerned that I have some kind of disease where I sleep all the time. And I do have such a disease. It’s called WINTER. Sigh.

This morning as I was walking into the building I tripped on a rug and did a face plant. Well, actually, my face didn’t hit the ground, but most of the rest of me did. I was just grateful that I didn’t land on my tail bone since it’s finally almost healed from my April 2009 injury. So now I have all of these extra aches & pains. And the humiliation. Because of course there were witnesses. I can’t believe they didn’t laugh – I usually laugh (even though I feel terrible about it). They were nicer than I am. Thank goodness. But I wish there’d been a video – I think it would have been fairly entertaining to post it here.

I’m not feeling very creative these days. I don’t want to write. I don’t want to read. Mostly I just want to play solitaire on the computer and sleep. But I don’t think that’s an ok action plan for the next few months until spring, so tonight I’m going home & doing some form of exercise. That should help with the energy level. Plus I’ll feel like I deserve extra sleep since I’m working so hard.

Gray sky, white fields
Trees aching with cold
I ache too – in my bones
And in my soul
Winter has hold of my joy
Inertia my constant companion
But I shall fling out this hymn
Singing with wild abandon:
“Come spring come sun
Come rivulets and lambs
Come soft silky breezes
Bring warmth to my hands.”
Hemmed in by January
I dream of rows of corn
White fields and gray sky
Are transformed, transformed


  1. It's almost Groundhog's Day! Don't abandon hope!

  2. And how rude of me...hope you're OK after your tumble. How about just some gentle stretches for exercise instead of a full blown work out?

  3. You say that you aren't creative but then you pop off that great poem...oh Bug!!

    I am glad that your cough went away and even though videos of people falling crack me up I am sorry you fell. I am the biggest clutz so I feel your pain.

  4. Face plants are no fun. Glad you're feeling better! :)

  5. What a contrast our Ohio seasons. I love the winter, though. I would hate living in a temperate climate.

  6. Winter will be over soon and you will feel better.

  7. Glad your cough and cold is better but that tumble....not good. I would take Rudee's advice. I have been feeling the same blah-ness. I can't wait to see the out doors like your second photo.

  8. I have to admit: I'm one of those people who laugh first, then ask if the person who just fell is okay. I do have my limits, though: I won't laugh at an old person.

  9. You've been really sick! Of course it's taking awhile to get back on your feet - literally! Go slow, seriously, just take it slowly.

    And maybe go get a massage?

  10. Well if your idea of inertia is writing great poetry, bring on the inertia!

    I do know what you mean about that "blah, I don't feel like doing anything" feeling. Mine isn't confined to cold weather. I'm dealing a bit with it these days when it's so stinkin' hot and the electricity keeps going off so we don't even have a fan to circulate the 96º air. Ugh. It took all the energy I had this afternoon to make brownies. LOL Now there's an activity for you!

  11. To bad about the lack of video. I'm sure you could have been a web censation. Winter is a sleepy time. I hope you get your rest.

  12. Wonderful poem my friend. It's always around this time that we are starting to become weary of the cold and the barren colorless landscape, but if we'll just hold on a bit longer, the sun will shine and green things will sprout! Glad your cold is much better. Sorry 'bout the trip up!

  13. Dear The Bug,
    I'm with Reya--you just got over the cold. Cut yourself some slack!

    Winter clothes make me clumsy and slow, and winter cold makes me feel housebound and craven.

    I'm more than ready for Spring.

    wonderful poem. It's right like I feel--bones and all.

    Ann T.

  14. solitaire and sleep? sounds like an excellent winter activity to me. unfortunately, I have to act like I am trying to make a living.

  15. So sorry you're allergic to the Ohio winter. Move a bit south! It's been cold here, and we've had a touch of snow, but overall winters here are mild.

    Glad you are feeling better, and a little sleep won't kill you.

    Another wonderful work of poetry!

  16. How I can sympathize with you, Bug! I had no cold and no fall (although many people broke their bones here, with those slippery sidewalks), but I feel so weary and gray-faced. I can`t blog and even hard to read others. Although, your poem was lovely, and so was the one Reya posted (fitting to you, falling with dignity, haha). Cheers, and one day grass will grow again!

  17. Dear Bug,
    do hope you are feeling a little better?
    poor you falling over as well!
    My dear departed ma had had polio as a child and it left her with the tendency to fall over once in while
    poor thing -usually at the most inopportune moments
    but she always made light of it and laughed.....
    this winter is dragging and dragging and horribly cold and dreary

    but your poem sang!

  18. Hope you are feeling ok! I have fallen twice in the past week and a half, and STILL ache! Take it easy on yourself tonight.

  19. Sorry you're feeling ill, but I do think it's all winter's way of telling us to stay inside! I hate this time of year, and this winter's been particularly brutal (she said while watching the accumulation from yet ANOTHER snowstorm.


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