Saturday, January 29, 2011

Weekly Wordzzle

I missed the Wordzzle last week – I just couldn’t seem to get it written. This week’s is my usual drivel, but I think it’s good for my brain anyway. Please remember to go to Raven’s blog to see what other folks have written!

Words for the miniambition, charter, bug spray, business as usual, cheap

Well, it’s business as usual in the Bug household. I’ve been muttering at my computer so much (aren’t there any cheap cell phone plans?) that Dr. M is threatening to get out the Bug Spray. Or charter a boat to escape the madness. I might not have a lot of ambition, but at least having a job keeps me out of his hair for five days a week and just might save our marriage!

Words for the 10 worder: kissing cousins, macaroni and cheese, chasm, orange glow, bucket list, eucalyptus, charged, handy, superior, eagerly   

Yvonne was pretty sure that sneaking into an empty building in the middle of the night was not on her bucket list. Learning to water ski on Lake Superior, yes. Not-so-eagerly running across the chasm of the parking lot, no. Empty buildings were kissing cousins of haunted houses in her opinion, and to be avoided at all costs. Entering the lobby she noticed a familiar scent in the air – was that eucalyptus incense? And under her office door there was an orange glow reminiscent of cheap macaroni and cheese (an analogy that made Yvonne realize she’d missed dinner). Was it on fire? And wouldn’t that just be handy? She returns to the office to get her forgotten cell phone (charged by this time) and it’s on fire. Opening the door she saw the candles first, then the incense burners, and then the tangle of arms & legs on her desk. The security guard was using her office for a tryst – eww! Grabbing her phone, Yvonne ran out of the office making a note to call maintenance in the morning – she needed a new desk pronto. And they should fumigate the office while they’re at it! 


  1. Quite the scene in that second one. Wouldn't that be icky, though. I think my favorite thing this week was your use of Bug Spray. Glad to have you back. I had an awful time this week and last week. Don't know if it's the words or brain decay. I'm hoping it's the words.

  2. and make sure they use disinfectant on the desk...and put a new lock on the door...ewww...

  3. My first laugh of the day--thank you! Love your wordzzles.

    And thank you for LOL yesterday at my post. You were the lone person who appreciated my weird humor. I really thought I was funny, but apparently no one else thought so. Oh well. No more poop posts! At least not in such detail!

  4. Ha! I can't believe bug spray was one of the words. I couldn't wait to see how you used it. Both of these made me laugh!

  5. I had to laugh at your 10-worder! Almost the same thing happened in a building I used to work at. In this case it was a couple on the night-shift using the private space afforded by the disabled toilet -ewwww!!! One of the best wordzzles I've ever read.
    I'm finally up too.


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