Saturday, January 22, 2011

2011 Project 365 – Week Four


Surprise, surprise – this week we had more snow and ridiculously low temps.

Sunday, January 16th
On Sunday Dr. M took a picture of this junco which came to visit – guess we have enough snow for it now.

I took a picture of the fine establishment where I got our dinner :)

Monday, January 17th
On Monday I just decided to take a random picture of our Christmas tree. I'm still enjoying it!

Tuesday, January 18th
Dr. M took this picture of the campus deer. I like how they're practically camouflaged in the trees.

Wednesday, January 19th
Dr. M finally got a good picture of a frozen pond (we had tried a few weeks ago without much success).

The tax time pig decided to ditch his New Year's duds and put on a coat of many colors instead.

Thursday, January 20th
This is the State of the Bug picture this week. Last week everyone did a great job of guessing that I was COOLLLDD. This week I won't make you guess. This is supposed to show my apprehension at driving to work during a snowstorm. However, really, it's showing that there's something tragically wrong with my bangs.

While I was battling the elements, Dr. M was taking another picture of one of our cardinals.

The drive to work was actually not too bad, but this is my commute home. I left work early so that I could get home before dark.

And, yes, I took a picture of me fiercely concentrating on the road. While taking a picture of myself. I'm not right, I know.

Friday, January 21st
After getting our 6 ½ inches of snow on Thursday & overnight into Friday, our bird restaurant was quite busy. They are so funny – knocking the seed out of the bird feeder onto the ground.

Ah yes, of course the penguins are indignant!

Dr. M took this picture on his way home from school. Doesn't it look cold? It was probably around 4 degrees. Brrr!

 Saturday, January 22nd 

And the cold continues today.

Dr. M went out into the freezer to get this picture of the moon.

I think it's pretty cool how you can totally see the missing slice of moon - it looks like the picture on our atomic clock up there!

We may or may not get out in this today. If we get any interesting pictures I'll post them next week!

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  1. OK, so I just have to say that simply looking at the view out your windshield made me fear for your life. I can't imagine driving in it! ACK! You are one brave girlie!

  2. Like I wasn't cold enough already!

  3. Dear The Bug,
    Oh, no! You're having too much snow. Not that I have to tell you.

    You made me laugh over and over with this post. I like your bangs! I don't see anything tragically wrong. In fact, I think you look great.

    Stay warm, big hug!
    Ann T.

  4. you see a lot for a bug... lol.

    I think you're more of a bird :)

  5. That was the first time for me to see a junco bird. You take pretty good photos of yourself. I can't believe you still have your tree up! But if it makes you happy then keep it up all year. I dare ya! Also....I have the same fake red cranberry beads. And what is a tax pig?

  6. Hi Brenda,

    Last April The Bug discovered the pig in the above picture adorning a lawn near where she works. Its owners have lots of fun decorating it, and so she swings by there every week or two to take its picture. I'm surprised they haven't issued a restraining order :-). When she first saw it, it was dressed in honor of income tax season, so she labeled her picture "Tax Time Pig," and the label stuck.

  7. The original Tax Time Pig pic is here, and made me lol all over again:

  8. Since I am sitting in the freezing cold, your photos made me shiver slightly.

    fiercely concentrating...ha! I know how it is to have a stiff back from the tension of driving in that stuff.

    Cold here, too...we're in good company, right?

  9. OH MY COLDNESS...bbbrrr...that is something I do NOT miss since moving west! (the snow sometimes, the cold NEVER! lol) loving the pics of you though...and that coat of my colors...really?! too very funny! Hope you have a great week!

  10. Those moon pics are good - we've had some really big bright moons here this week. Your commute looks challenging, to say the least.

  11. -9????? that's just not right!!!

    I love the "state of the bug" ... it makes me laugh! :)

    I also love I'm not the only one with christmas trees up in January!! :)

    "Coat of many colors" - awesome!!! Piggy needs to stay warm too!

  12. I love the piggy coat & your first shot is awesome.

    I live in SE Michigan, so I feel your pain about the weather!

    Have a great week,

  13. and this is why I live in the SOUTH!!! Even with the snow we got, it never got that cold!!!!

    But I must say those cardinals looks so beautiful against the snow!!!

  14. Can I just say that I love the fact you're not right? (and that I loved your pics this week? The pig made me laugh and I always stop and ogle the bird ones for a few minutes.)

  15. Yikes! Please don't take pictures while driving like that anymore... that's scary!

    I finally got my tree down this week. The worst part of a Christmas tree is putting it away, whah!

    -9 degrees, no wonder you were apprehensive about going out there! Crazy. And I agree with Mccrakensx4, I don't miss the cold one bit, just the snow. Stay warm!

  16. Well we just started rehearsing for our high school production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat so that pig is very timely.

    Once again I love all your outdoor pics and yes...that is very cold.


  17. You really do love nature! It reminds me to take a minute and try to enjoy my surroundings a bit more. And the photo while driving made me laugh! You should take a picture of yourself texting while driving to show the dangers of texting and taking photos while driving....

  18. Glad someone asked about tax time pig... I didn't catch that last year. Love your bird pics. Aren't cardinals beautiful especially in the winter when everything is neutral...

  19. @Lori: Cardinals really are stunning this time of year. The males are brilliantly red and black, but the females are so very pretty with their combination of bright highlights and neutral tones. Just spectacular, and so much fun to photograph!

  20. I so love your bird pictures. They are amazing. The moon shots were awesome too. I tried to get a moon shot but it was not going to happen. I am not right either....I took a picture of my car throwing a shadow forward....thought it looked like Shrek. Have a good week....the pond BTW made me so cold.

  21. It was 70 here yesterday. Just thought you would want to know.

  22. Ahhhh 68... I've driven that road many many MANY times! We used to hit up the clover on 70-75 as well and just drive the clover. Yeah, we were a bit strange. Too bad the clover isn't there any more.. :-(

  23. Oh my that's to much cold and winter for me!

    We love the tax pig!

    Great week! Love the bird pictures!

  24. Came back and see that Dr. M answered my question about the tax pig. We have something even weirder than that where I live. Someone's mailbox stand is the bottom of a mannequin (waist down) that they change the clothes and shoes on all the time.

  25. You absolutely crack me up! I love reading your blog :) It always, ALWAYS makes me smile.

    Not missing the cold and snow AT ALL but I could do with a little, itty bitty wee bit of a break from the intense heat we're having. But seeing photos of the kind of weather you have to drive in -- well, just give me the heat any day!

  26. I'm afraid to ask how do you concentrate on the road AND take a photo of yourself at such an angle? LOL.

    I love the bird photos, they're my favorites. I'm so tired of looking a the annoying pigeon (that probably intends to nest in the plantpot on my balcony this spring).

  27. I'm chilly just looking at your week! Again, some gorgeous pics. Wish my birds were as photogenic! :)

    Read ahead...glad you are feeling better!!

    Have a great week; Thanks for stopping by!

  28. you're too funny. your comment about your bangs made me laugh.
    is it just me, or do cardinals get brighter whe it gets colder? beautiful picture of that little guy.

  29. I especially loved your self-portrait while driving ;) Don't know how you did it.
    Always great photos and such a variety.

  30. What to comment on. Wow great week. Yuck to the scary. Love the barn. The pig in the coat of many colors is just too funny.
    Great deer picture too. Amazing your camera and your view through your lens.


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