Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Poetry Bus - Stormy Weather

TotalFeckinEejit is driving his own bus this week! He has given us the following prompt: 

Write a poem. Don't think, just feel. Sit yourself down,stay quiet, find silence, concentrate on your breathing, feel your chest rise and fall, your heart beating, blood pumping.You are alive, so alive.Breathe in and breathe out,count those breaths, slowly look into your heart, your soul, how are you? Who are you? Are you happy/sad/ lost/ found/ confused/ certain.Are you where you hoped to be, do you know yourself? Are you who you were? Who might you yet be. Where might you be? Forget what your brain tells you that you know,and forget what your brain tells you to think, listen to your breath,tell me how you feel and why you feel it. How many breaths have you taken in this life? Think of them, focus on them. How many breaths are still to be taken? Disengage the brain and write from the heart.Close your eyes examine your breath, examine your life and feel!

Well, it just so happens that last August in the midst of reading Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert I wrote such a poem. I posted it for the One Shot Wednesday, so I apologize for the repeat for some of you.

Stormy Weather

I close my eyes.
Breathe in, breathe out.
Concentrate on that point
just over the horizon.
I imagine my thoughts
drifting by like clouds.
I imagine that I will
brush them aside
like some grand god.

Well, like some grand god
who takes each cloud
and examines it
minutely for chances
of rain or hail
or snow or sleet.
Because the weather
in my soul is always
tricky like that

I never get past these
turbulent clouds.
Is that all there is?
I am drifting in
a weather balloon
terrified that there
is nothing below me,
nothing within me.
Nothing at all.

Don't forget to make the rounds - read other responses to the prompt here.


  1. Not read this before. It's really good. Shame we have to get through all the crap to get them, eh?

  2. My first time readomg your Stormy Weather ... an honest, brave and introspective poem.

  3. What a fantastic poem!! I may have to drag out some of my old poetry and get a lil creative again!
    I love that I get little "snippets of home" from your blog. It makes me appreciate "home" more.

  4. weather in my soul- some great lines here! really enjoyed your work, thanks!

  5. Really nice poem, I love the image of someone sorting through the clouds, the conclusion is very interesting too.

  6. Oh, that second stanza! Fabulous; I wasn't expecting it after the first, it was beautifully done and last of all, Lord, do I identify!
    And a lot to think about in the third.
    Good, very good I think.

  7. Terrific. We've all been through clouds. There's more than nothing there now

  8. The old clouds can be tricky alright, first time reading, a lot there to think about.

  9. Very, very nice, Dana. That second stanza wows me!

  10. Thoughts, like weather gods, have their own agenda...


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