Saturday, January 15, 2011

2011 Project 365 – Week Three (and a bonus picture)

Another week with a lot of pictures. I think you'll see that it's been a cold week here in central Ohio – brrr! 

Saturday, January 8th
I know I posted pics from Saturday last week – that's why this is a bonus picture. I just had to share the amazing sunset shot Dr. M took last Saturday night.

Sunday, January 9th 

After church on Sunday we decided to head back to our old stomping grounds and go to international uber grocery store Jungle Jim's. I didn't get any pictures of the store – you'll just have to check out the insanity at the website here. On our way down there we got behind this car. I've seen these tiger tails in trunks before & I can't decide – are they Cincinnati Bengals fans, or have they kidnapped the mascot?

We drove through our old apartment complex to see if they'd ever fixed the roofs after all the wind damage from 2008 – they had. This is our third floor apartment. Can't believe we lived in a one bedroom apartment for 12 years!

On our way home we drove along the Great Miami River. Looks chilly out there, no?

Monday, January 10th
Dr. M took this picture of Stumpy the Squirrel on his campus. He's called stumpy because his tail has issues.

On his way home he got this picture of a frozen landscape.

I've decided to add a weekly feature to my P365 posts – called The State of the Bug. What do you think my state is in this picture?

Tuesday, January 11th
More frozen landscape on Dr. M's way home from school.

It started snowing again on Tuesday.

Wednesday, January 12th
On Wednesday I decided to stay home from work – too snowy & too much coughing! I didn't know it, but Wednesday was not the day I felt sickest from my cold – I would have stayed home Thursday had I known! I did not want to step outside, so I took a couple of pictures from doorways. This one is from the back door.

And here are those poor put-upon penguins from the front door.

I also did a lot of reading. I wrote a review of my Kindle here.

While I was snug & warm at home, Dr. M was travelling these kinds of roads on his way home from school (this is not a main road – he likes to meander on his way home).

Thursday, January 13th
The cardinal is more of a regular visitor to the feeder now. I love how it looks like he's saying, "Oh man, here comes somebody else to eat my food!"

Friday, January 14th
Frozen river – this one is the Little Miami.

Saturday, January 15th
So last night Dr. M was worrying that we were out of bird seed & I said, "Oh they'll be fine – the snow has practically melted." Um, no. This is our back yard today.


[Dear Bug: I think I understand why we see the cardinal more often...there's four of them!]

Say hello to my leetle friends – thanks guys for making my week better! I am feeling a lot better – just in the coughing phase now. I'll be sleeping on the futon for a few days (the better to prop my head up) & then I'll be just fine.

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  1. The state of the bug... haha!!! I take the state as "FREEZING"!!!! :)

    Such a winter wonderland!!!

    Love the cardinal in the snow. so beautiful!

  2. Yeah, I like the State of the Bug, too! Brrr! indeed!

  3. i love the cardinal pix. too funny that you've had more than one. ha. we would have enjoyed some snow, but i can't imagine driving on the icy roads. scary! beautiful sunset pic!

  4. I could see the state of the Bug in your eyes. Hope you feel better soon!

  5. I hope you're feeling better by now. It looks cold up there.

    The cardinal is our state bird. We love him.

    We drove back to our old apartment once. I should have taken pictures. It really brought back the memories.

  6. You look as someone with a bad cold. Feel better soon!

    The stumpy squirrel in Mr.M's picture is very cute! Good picture of both the tree and the squirrel!

  7. the first Saturday's picture is pretty awesome and Monday's frozen landscape is pretty good too. The state of the Bug? Well ready for spring I'd say. And the cardinals stand out so well from the snow. They are plentiful here too.

  8. I love the idea of a featured Bug pic within your weekly shots. I did NOT enjoy our weather this week either. Although I have not been sick (yet), Morgan had that stomach virus on Tuesday. It was a good day for me to stay home from work anyway!

  9. love the new addition of "state of the bug"!!!

    that tiger tail reminded me of when I was growing up, Exxon used to give you a tiger (their mascot) tail that hung out of your gas tank. Anybody remember that?

    FOUR cardinals!!! lucky!!!

  10. Get proper better soon! Cardinal, Stumpy and the penguins for me - great shots. Thanks for sharing the week. State of The Bug? Shorter fringe?

  11. Love the nature pictures. I just finally got a new camera and am hoping I can get some as beautiful as the cardinal pictures you took.

    State of the Bug = Don't make me go out in this!

  12. 2 thumbs up for the sunset picture!! i' so glad you included it. its beautiful!! i really love your bird pictures too. great shots this week!

  13. Oh how I miss Ohio sometimes.... but then I look at aaaaallll that snow and say "Really? Do I want the only beach I can go to be either one surrounded by gates and they charge you to get in, or one of the rivers or lakes?! And it's COLD there!!"

    I would really like to start feeding the birds, but, I don't quite know how our Greyhounds would react to them, and I really don't want all the seed sprouting in out yard! :-P

    Jacque ~ Life Along The Way

  14. you take some great photos - makes me want to come visit, so just as well that i haven't entered: shopping trolley in the lake wouldn't look so picturesque!

  15. you take some great photos - makes me want to come visit, so just as well that i haven't entered: shopping trolley in the lake wouldn't look so picturesque!

  16. The State of the Bug is COOOOOOLD! In more ways than one. Pobrecita! I hope you feel all better soon!
    Cardinals have made it into more than a few Project 365 photos this week -- they're such show offs.
    Dr. M must have good snow tires. I'm glad 'cause he takes great frozen landscape photos.
    Take care of yourself, girl! You don't want that nasty old cold hanging around any longer than necessary.

  17. Get well soon and loved the winter wonderland you live in.

  18. not so much fun being sick, but glad that you are starting to feel better. Great shots this week although it makes me glad I live in hit the mid 70s by the end of last week! LOVE The shot of the snowy birdfeeder pictures and the sunset picture! And the State of the Bug is genius...cold and sick I am guessing and NOT wanting to be where you were! Hope you have a great week!

  19. You are most definitely COLD! So funny that there are multiple cardinals. And that sunset is gorgeous!

  20. State of mind, state of being, state you live in.... ???

    Ha! I'd say the state of being is very, very cold!

    Love that very first picture, it is so bee-U-ti-full!

  21. Hope you are over the crud or soon!
    No fun.
    You made good use of time, however.
    Awesome sunset. Great cardinal shots, the lone bird and the penguins too :)
    Take care, Miss Bug.

  22. Hope you get better soon! Love the bird photo's.

    I'm getting used to a Kindle myself.

    Have a great week,

  23. Love the sunset picture - great job!!!!
    And the state of the bug LOL

  24. "State of the Bug" Love It!

    Love cardinals!!!!

    I am ready for all the winter coldness to melt away!

    I am heading over to read your kindel review!

  25. I have a sunrise picture on my project that looks very similar. We just saw a special on super stores and they did a Jungle Jim segment...I SO wanted to go there! You are in the state of freezing your buns off but looking fashionable at the same time...did I get it right???

    Have a great week!

  26. Love the state of the bug! I agree with Rebecca Jo, you looked Freezing! Sorry you were feeling sick this week. Bummer.

    The bird pics are awesome (& the sunset.) I always feel most peaceful after seeing your landscapes each week. :)

    Have a good one.

  27. Love the brilliant red cardinals--so beautiful against the snow. It looks like quite a week. We're (my husband) making friends with the medicine here, too.

  28. Hope your feeling better soon! I love those red birds from your back window! I only seen one of those ONCE in my entire lifetime would you believe that! It was last spring, and shocked the heck out of me because I'd never seen one (in real life) before!

    We've had a bit more snow yesterday but not much. We're actually having a "mild" and "easy" winter this year!


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