Saturday, January 29, 2011

2011 Project 365 – Week Five

The theme this week is, “how long oh Lord?” Cold, gray, snow covered days. Thank goodness for the occasional cardinal and for neighbors who still want to bring light to this monotone land.

Sunday, January 23rd
Speaking of cardinals… I wonder what the grass is going to look like under the feeder? If the snow ever melts I guess we’ll find out!

I was amused that my new gloves matched my dish cloth. Did you know that the gloves work much better when they don’t have a hole in them? It’s true!

Monday, January 24th
Dr. M took this picture on his way to school. Sigh.

Tuesday, January 25th
This is the State of the Bug picture for the week. On Monday I saw a wrench light on my dashboard so Dr. M drove the Saturn to see if he could tell what might be wrong (nothing, thank goodness!). So here I am getting to drive the Bugly to work! (Click here to read about the Bugly.) I actually prefer to drive my Saturn, but the Bugly was a fun switch for a day.

Many of our neighbors in town still have Christmas lights up. It’s just so dreary that we are most grateful for the chance to smile as we drive by. And, appropriately, one house has left its Abominable Snowman in the yard. Thanks Dr. M for capturing the silliness!

Wednesday, January 26th
The practice field at Dr. M’s university. Let’s just sigh again :)

Thursday, January 27th Woo hoo! I got to go to lunch with a friend! We went to an Indian buffet – very reasonable & yummy.

S didn’t even mind me taking her picture – perhaps she just decided that it was inevitable & that she should just get it over with. When she used to work with me people would ask if she was my daughter. Which I think technically could have happened, but it would have been a scandal.

Friday, January 28th
Lots of pictures today – most of them taken by Dr. M.

And here is one he took to prove that not all of our roads are snowy!

On my way home from work I saw a patch of blue sky!!

Saturday, January 29th
When I got home yesterday this was on my computer desk – Dr. M bought bugs for his Bug :)

I’ll leave you with another cardinal picture.

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  1. I think we have discussed our twin-ness before. I am sighing along with you, also need new rubber gloves (LOVE them in purple, BTW), and am happy to see the occasional Christmas light. Those bugs are cute, I think Dr.Bug may be a keeper. Have a great week!

  2. Thank goodness for cardinals and christmas lights. And as yummy as Indian food is, I have to say that the picture of that plate of food makes me think of other things less pleasant!

    We have sun here today. Hope you get some of it!

  3. Love your bug treats!

    I'm completely jealous of your patch of blue sky.

  4. Dear Rudee: I asked The Bug this morning when we had moved to Michigan! I have friends who attended school in Ann Arbor, friends living in Grand Rapids, and even a friend way up in Marquette, and so I well know that we have far less snow, but it has been a very cold, overcast and gloomy winter down here, compared to winters past. I do hope that the sun will shine again on your city, in more ways than one.

  5. That little bird looks lit up, all on its own...

  6. Ahh - love your surprise of your own bugs! :)

    Purple dish gloves... like it! I need to get some myself!

  7. Those birds look so happy to have found food among all that snow. Winter is coming to an end down south, a few lasts gasps of cold, but the sun is seen more and more each day. I hope she makes her way up to you soon.

  8. I understand the reluctance to take down the christmas lights if it's just going to be white everywhere if you do. I love the shot of the wagon bed with the hay. and the cardinals are always a delight.

  9. Great pics, but goodness it looks c,c,cccc,,ccoooolD! I think it's so sweet your husband left you those bug cookies:)

  10. Indian food and bug cookies. Way cool :).

    And I love those cardinal pictures. Those would be so cool blown up into a collage.

  11. that indian food looks good! I wonder if we have an indian restaurant here?

    I am sighing along with you...your pictures look COLD!!!

  12. Loved the cardinal & bird pictures. We just got our feeders refilled since fall. I love watching the birds come & go. Thanks for sharing

  13. I love the purple gloves! And how fashion forward of you to match them to your cloth!
    I am sighing with you...the winter perma-cloud stinks.
    Nice bugs, but I prefer the real one! :)
    Have a super week!!

  14. We have big amount of snow on the road too. That indian food looks great, it makes me wanna try indian resto someday.

    I like your purple gloves, it remonds me to buy a new one coz i used mine in cleaning the toilet(sigh)

  15. Come spring you might just have odd little plants growing because of all the seeds from the bird feeder. It's happened at my house before.

    I like the snow pictures even though you are so tired of it. Since I do not get to see it for real, I like getting my "snow fix" through your lens! :)

  16. what a sweet thing for Dr. M to do...putting those bug cookies on your desk. i always enjoy the scenic photos you all take, and the cardinals. :)

  17. I look forward to seeing the birds each week. I loved the treats from Dr. M. We have some people who who still have their decorations up. I thought at first they had decorated for Valentines day....but is Christmas stuff. Have a good week.

  18. OK, so I won't torture you by telling you that I actually saw my bulbs starting to peek out from the ground in the side bed yesterday! :c)

  19. So sweet that your man brought you bugs. :)

    That is an interesting fact about gloves. See? You can learn so much on the internet!

    Sorry about all the snow...I feel your pain! Let's hope the groundhog has the answer for us this week. :)

  20. The bugs are so sweet. We still have our lights up outside. They're white and blue, so don't feel too Christmassy.

    I'm so OVER the snow, grey skies and dirty snow grey crap everywhere. sigh.

    I hope you & I both have a sunshiney week.


  21. I love Indian food and can't get it here :( Told my SIL that we need to go to the new Indian restaurant her friend is opening when we go on furlough.

    Bug cookies: too cute!

    All that blinding white snow. Ugh. If I could I would TOTALLY send y'all about 30 degrees of hot. We could spare it :)

    The State of the Bug looks much better that the previous Bug with a Cold look. So glad you're feeling better!

  22. love the Bug smile.
    Were you thinking of the bug treats?
    The cardinal is beautitiful, and doc M's scenic photos, always.

  23. All I have to say is brrrrrrrrrr....

    Here's praying for a ray of sunshine to come your way!

    Great week even if it was a bit frozen over!


  24. Those bugs are just adorable...and those cardnials are just so striking against the white snow. I have never really tried indian food, it looks good maybe I need to get on that.

    Looks like a great week...cold, but great.

  25. i always love your bird shots...thanx for sharing them with us
    your bugs are adorable...were the edible or decoration?

  26. Thank you thank you thank you for the extra cardinal picture! I love those birds. I'm hoping to see the lone one around here but no such luck. The neighbours probably think I'm stalking their street rather than the bird!

    I love the scenery, ok yes, a lot of snow, sigh, but it looks lovely because its your snow. my snow, however looks dreary and I'm tired of it.

  27. The bugs are so cute. No pig this week? LOL
    All that snow. We are getting more tonight. Should be a day off tomorrow.
    We still have some neighbors with Christmas lights up too. :)

  28. Great week of mostly snow filled pics...loving the red contrasting the white snow. and i am a ladybug lover so I am all over those fun bugs...what kind of candy are they? and i am also a huge fan of the purple gloves as purple is my fav color!


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