Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Crooked Line

Crooked Line

I am a crooked line
in all manner of things,
bumping hips with you
as we walk this road.
I veer into the wood
creating havoc
in the underbrush -
no stalker of prey, I.
Over and over
you rescue me
from thorns of
my own making.
There is a spring
in this wood.
Icy water in an
ancient tin dipper.
Thirst quenched,
I let you lead
me home.

This is a Magpie Tale and a One Shot Wednesday poem. Please visit those sites read some excellent poetry (and stories!).


  1. You'll be safe, with the right companion! Very witty..really liked this!

  2. Fantastic! Do you know that song, "Walk a Crooked Road" ?

  3. it is nice to have someone to be safe with :) Really enjoyed your piece. xo

  4. smiles. thorns of my own making, i have made a few...yes, lead me on...

  5. "bumping hips with you" is great- very human and warm, funny poem. Really enjoyed it :-)

  6. I really like the way this is structured with the turn at the spring in the woods. I also like the image of "creating havoc/in the underbrush". Very nice, Dana.

  7. Lyn - thanks - I was telling my husband yesterday that I just feel better when he's around.

    Reya - no I don't - can you find it for me? :)

    Sherry - very true!

    Brian - I really do mostly create my own problems.

    Lucy - that's exactly how I walk beside someone - can't walk straight at all!

    Karen - thanks - for some reason the photo prompt reminded me of a spring from my childhood - I used to LOVE to walk back in the woods & drink that cool water.

  8. No matter how much we bungle ourselves up, it's always nice to know there's someone there to help you out, to take you home and make it all better. Someone to rescue us from ourselves. I like your visual representation of this...but in reading it, while I saw the meaning, I couldn't help but also picture it literally, and in so doing, picturing my dog, gone blundering through the underbrush again. @_@ But that's silly me. Enjoyable piece!

  9. Cianphelan - oh I can be VERY doglike on my walks! You may certainly take it literally!

  10. I like this poem.

    I think you must be a lot of fun to live with.

  11. This certainly rings some bells for me. I sometimes feel more like a dog (who needs talking out for walks, letting loose in the woods...) than a human.

    I like the structure and the word choices in this too. A good piece.


  12. Two are mostly better than one...

  13. This is beautiful, Bug. I remember a spring in the woods of rural Indiana, when I was a little girl. There was a tin cup chained to a rock for thirsty visitors.

  14. Dear The Bug,
    This is really lovely. I think you wrote a beauty.

    Ann T.

  15. Nicely done, Ms. Bug. I'll walk that crooked road with you any day.

  16. Your words almost entice me to take a walk in the wintery woods. Almost.

  17. Ruth – sometimes I can be fun, but other times Dr. M would like me to be a little more on task & quit bumbling around :)

    Rachel – thanks for the kind words. I think I’m mostly human, but sometimes I’m definitely more interested in dog-type matters.

    Jinksy – that is SO TRUE – and I don’t take it for granted at all.

    Tess – Thanks – I loved that spring. It’s still there as far as I know, but I don’t know the landowners anymore.

    My two Ann(e)s – Thanks!

    Rudee – I’m not really much into snowy walks, but for some reason the photo prompt made me think I might be.

  18. Dana, this is lovely. I wasn't sure if you were referring to Dr. M or Jesus -- but either way, this poem really captures the joy of having someone walk with you who loves you in your meanderings.

  19. love how you capture the imperfections we all suffer and have to admit to :) great oneshot!

  20. Sounds a lot like my favorite pooch, Peewee :)

  21. Surely a feeling of safety embedded in this. Nice read!

  22. I enjoyed this, really lovely piece.

  23. Charming, warm, borderline-sauciness to this. Superb.

  24. Nice! Oh to have the right person to bump hips with

  25. What a sweet poem. I loved the line about "thorns of my own making."

  26. I love this poem- bumping hips and thorns of my own making...always better with a pal along.


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