Thursday, January 6, 2011

Thankful Thursday

Things are kind of rough in the Bug household this week. Having to go back to work/school. Potential self-hair-cutting tragedies (but my bangs were in my eyes!). We didn’t win that huge lottery (or even a little one!). The Bug has sought out & eaten any number of ridiculous things (there are reasons, but it’s TMI. Heh.). And apparently she’s allergic to January – or at least her eyes are. It’s a good thing she learned to type all those years ago – she can do it with her eyes closed. Anyway.

{I’m done talking in the 3rd person now – creepy!}

I thought I would join in with the Thankful Thursday crowd today. I need to remember that I am spoiled by the good life and that eating a soft pretzel with cheese is not the end of the known world. So, here are the things that I’m thankful for this week:

  • Despite the fact that I should exercise some control, I do have a wide variety of food options available to me. I can afford them. They are safe to eat. And I have clean drinking water with which to wash them down.

  • Dr. M, even when he makes me mad – I can’t even imagine life without him. He really bends over backward to make sure I have an easy life – who else would want to take on that job? Certainly not me!

  • My friends and family and their generosity at Christmas. I should do actual thank you cards, but who knows if that will happen. So, Daddy & Amy, Joe & Bren & the kids, Kim, Jenny, Sherri, Barry & Sharon, Judy, the other Joe, Dr. M – thank you thank you thank you! I love all of you way more than a gift can show.

  • I’m not a morning person, but even though I grumble a bit and whine, I have somewhere to go every day. I have a great job, and I get money for what I do. It’s great that it works out like that.

  • Snow. Work with me here. I read this post by Lisa at Blessed yesterday & realized that the whining really should cease. I might need to work extra hard to be grateful for winter – but I know for sure that, when it comes, spring will not go unnoticed. So, go snow for making me appreciate the blessing of spring even more.

That’s it, for today. I just put some drops in my eyes so maybe I can remove the toothpicks now.

What are you thankful for today?


  1. I was just wondering where you were ... glad you checked in.

    Though it's not usually the case, this year I'm allergic to January, too. What gives?

    I'm staying away from the scissors - thanks for the warning (I was tempted to trim the tips of my Long-Ass hair, but now? No way.)

    Grateful for all good things, including being your friend.

  2. this bright sunny day. the rumblings of work out there that may actualize before we are penniless. my own male counterpart even when he pisses me off. the birds that were going bonkers in the shrub right outside my window yesterday. free food on the ground. you.

  3. If there is enough snow, there is no need to go to work. I am always grateful for less work!

    Plus, I am grateful for Biggest Loser. I find it inspiring (and ridiculously melodramatic at the same time). A new season just started (Tuesday nights). I actually have friends who email with me the next day to discuss the episodes. Let me know if you want in. It's more fun than it sounds. :)

  4. I am thankful for the ability to comprehend, enjoy and respond to blogs as lovely as yours!

    Bang trimming tip (guaranteed to work)

    Pull bangs hair straight down to your nose, twist and twist as tightly as you can, then snip off what you think is the right amount. You can do this multiple times until the length is perfect. Works every time!!!

  5. I regularly see those who have nothing but still manage to be thankful. I have so much while many have so little and I have to remind myself that living modestly is measured in degrees.

    Last night, I went to see a patient who lives in a 100 year old home in the heart of Detroit. This house stood like a little pristine and well loved jewel surrounded by dozens of brand new Habitat for Humanity homes. I bet a year ago this house was likely surrounded by bombed out carcasses of homes that used to look just like hers. I'm quite certain if my client had the ability to say so, she'd find herself thankful for the neighborhood improvements and the beauty and renewed hope that Habitat brings to her block.

  6. Regards spring coming, I will point out that all the thoroughbred horses born in 2008 turned 3 January 1 and are eligible to begin the trail to the Kentucky Derby the first Saturday in May.

    Also of further note, beginning December 21, every day will have approximately 1 minute more of daylight than the day before; at least until June 20.

  7. Looking forward to learning what a soft pretzel looks and tastes like!

    Thanks here for my nearest and dearest (one man, one girl). Little else matters.


  8. I am THIS close to cutting my stupid, annoying, hair myself! Thank goodness I'm seeing the hair dresser tomorrow!

    I think we're all a bit allergic to Jsnuary - I know I am.

    Thanks for the timely reminder to be grateful for things.

  9. Bug,

    I'm so thankful that I made it through this week. It's been a nasty one.

    I love that you mentioned that you're grateful for clean water. Not enough of us know how lucky we are to have clean water. It's a limited resource of which other parts of the world are very aware. Good on you.

    So funny about your bangs. Well, not funny to you, I'm sure. Been there done that.

    Feel better soon. "If winter comes, can spring be far behind?"

  10. I'm always thankful for snow when we get it...especially when they close school! :D

  11. Dear The Bug,
    This is a great post and I am thankful for it!
    Ann T.

  12. Do you know - there are great crowds of people who have spent many years pondering the point of thursdays - i wonder if it ever occurred to them to spend it being thankful

    I read your post on friday and am thankful that the nasty headache i had all day yesterday has gone away

  13. It's hard to do at times, but if we'll make the effort, we can turn any grumbling into being thankful. I know I need to remember just HOW thankful I should be at times when nothing seems quite right.

  14. I'm thankful for YOU! And scissors to cut bangs. no matter how badly I mangle the job at least I can see. I would ramble if I started on the blessings list, so I'll just stick with you and scissors today.

  15. Very well written! Here's to winter and its hard work to make us appreciate spring so much. :)


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