Sunday, January 16, 2011

Weekly Wordzzle

Ah, it's Wordzzle time again! Apparently I've got a split personality this week – each story is completely different this week. In fact, one of them is a poem. After you've read mine you should go over to Raven's blog to check out the other participants. 

The Mini (article, blind, watery, leap, crescent)

Half blind,
gazing at
a watery
crescent moon,
I consider the leap
of my heart
across the article
of my faith:
There you are -
smiling through
the rain. 

The 10-Worder (newspaper, empty plate, tiger, box, chewing gum, heating, traffic, books, canary, shoe)

The Bug stood, perplexed, with one canary yellow shoe in her hand. Where in the world was its mate? Under the bed? No, although there was a pile of overdue library books (oops!) and one empty plate. After checking in the closet (no luck) she carried the plate to the kitchen. Just for fun she checked the freezer (nope!), but she did see tonight's chicken in there beside a box of popsicles and, mysteriously, a pack of chewing gum. Putting the gum on top of the fridge and the chicken in the fridge to thaw, (she checked twice to make sure of the order), she meandered to the living room. Stuffed tiger on the floor, heating pad on the chair, newspaper on the end table. Aha! A glimpse of yellow peeking out from under the couch. A banana peel! What in the world? Oh man, the traffic is so bad on Mondays, if she didn't find that darn shoe soon she was going to be late for work. Grumble grumble. Then a wisp of thought floated through her brain. It was kind of hard to be traipsing all over the house with one shoe on. And. One. Shoe. In. Her. Hand. Sigh. Checking the mirror in the hallway one last time to make sure she hadn't turned blond overnight, the Bug headed off to work.


  1. The poem was so lovely... and your other one - well, let me say I could relate. Made me giggle out loud. Thanks for that. I was one of those people who used to spend significant amounts of time looking for the glasses that were on the top of my head.

  2. Hahhaha loved the shoe story! Been there, done that! Well... maybe it took me slightly less time to notice ;)

  3. "the leap
    of my heart
    across the article
    of my faith"

    This is absolutely brilliant. But I expect nothing less.

  4. LOL

    Believe me, I'm ditsy enough to do that. I've walked around looking for my glasses when they were on my head the entire time.

  5. the shoe story was great - what usually happens to me is i go upstairs for something then can't remember what the hell i was looking for


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