The Poetry Bus and the Saucepan Christmas

The bus this week is being driven by Muse Swings who wants us to write a poem about the worst gift we ever received or gave. I have a terrible memory for things like this - apparently wanting to spare myself or the other party the humiliation. But then I remembered a picture of me opening a gift at Christmas in 2000. From my expression you can see that it wasn't the gift of my dreams.

Saucepan Christmas

Why it’s…
I hardly know what to say
A vessel of some sort?
It certainly is shiny!

Oh, it’s a pan
For the stovetop
For the oven
For my husband
To cook my dinner

But pleased with
Its beauty
I thank my

For this to make sense, you should realize that Dr. M has always been the cook in this family. I know what to do with a pan, but you might not want to participate in the results.


  1. LOL! I LOVE that pan. Beside you on the floor is the Harley-Davidson stein I received...not that there's anything wrong with that. On a happier note, behind you is Harrison, the Angel Bear :-)

  2. Gotta love subtle messages from the in-laws!

  3. I find pleasure in gifts of the appliance sort. It would have to be the right pan to make me go ga-ga.

    If he is the cook, why did she give the pan to you? Just curious.

  4. go see Tangled and you will understand the use of that pan.

  5. In-law gifts.... A lovely poem too, as I could clearly hear you in the speaking of it. This notion ranks under things I didn't realize I had been spared. My hubby's parents had gone to their Great Reward by the time we married. You were graceful about it, good girl.

  6. HAHAHA!
    Just the sort of thing I would never buy for myself (making do with whatever I picked up at some yard sale), because decent cookware is so darned expensive and I just don't cook.

  7. Love the expression. I got pots and pans this year but i was thrilled. I needed them so badly. :)

  8. Great poem! I didn't do one this week- but I'm reading other peoples-My mother was famous for giving the most bizarre
    presents! she brought me this awful,
    crinkly bright orange dress once- from India I believe...

  9. Dear The Bug,
    Oh, LOL! I'm with the Enchanted Oak on this one!

    No offense to the in-laws, but sometimes the DO try to teach how a family is supposed to run. And they're always mystified when it doesn't run the same.

    I'm glad C.L. took over the pan! Thus proving it worked out over all.

    Ann T.

  10. So was your mother-in-law trying to change the status quo? M-I-Ls are very good at sending subliminal messages. Actually, some of them are very in-your-face, come to think of it.
    (Not the sort of shiny thing that we love, is it?)

    Kevin gave me a stainless steel colander on our first Christmas as husband and wife. Fortunately, I love to cook, so it was happily received. (I still have it and use it all the time).

  11. Hardly a subtle message from Mum-in-Law? "You should be doing the cooking. Not hubs. Cooking is what wives are for." It's a poem about the Generation Gap, I think.

  12. In-laws and their subtle hints! Mine used to give me handy hints on housekeeping all the time! This made me laugh in sympathy.

  13. Oh yes, the expression on your face is priceless! What a gift!

  14. Once as a Christmas tip from one of my postal patrons on my route, I got a card and a half-can of clams. I still don't know what to make of that.

  15. I like practical gifts far better than fripperies - I'd have been thrilled to bits with a pan like that! Good job we're all different...

  16. Hehe... that's funny. I do believe I MUST have a photo somewhere in this house of me doing the exact same thing? :c)

  17. Dana, you are a hoot. That is a great pan.

    Last year I got a slow-cooker, which I LOVE. :-)

  18. I've gotten gifts like this. Gifts that ask you to CHANGE. Gifts that say I DON'T KNOW YOU. Gifts that shout "I AM THE NEXT WHITE ELEPHANT GIFT!" Bet your husband liked it though :)

  19. That's brilliant!! Things can go so wrong when people get you what they think you need!!
    made me laugh anyway

  20. this is so funny!! I think we have all gotten a gift at some point that we didn't want!!! Mine was a cordless telephone for a teeny little house in which we already had one!!!

    btw, you won my P365 giveaway!!! Send me your email so that I can send you your blurb gift certificate!

  21. Oh, this brings back memories. Off the top of my head, I recall a horribly ill-fitting sweater with a huge, red bow across the chest. Did I ever wear it. Uh, NO!


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