Project 365 – Week Fifty-One

The theme of this week is Brrr!

Sunday, December 12th
I took these pictures when I got to church Sunday morning.

Monday, December 13th
Dr. M took these pictures after I left for work on Monday. And, no, I will never tire of sharing indignant penguin luminary pictures.

Tuesday, December 14th
On Tuesday I was headed out to work & did a double-take on the outside temp. Obviously, I had to take a picture.

Here is another scene I will never tire of sharing – the buffalo & the goat. The buffalo is the giant brown thing to the left of the center. The goat is showing us his best side next to the buffalo.

After that silly scene, Dr. M caught this lovely sun shot.

Wednesday, December 15th
I thought these guys were kissing or feeding each other, but Dr. M says they were fighting.

Wednesday was our 20th anniversary – and here are the gorgeous flowers I got.

Dr. M got a sheep.

Thursday, December 16th
Thursday saw high activity at the bird feeders (Dr. M got the new non-finch feeder the other day). Cardinals (obviously) aren't finches, so we hadn't seen any around our back yard in a long time.

Friday, December 17th
Guess who! It's Rudolph the Red Nosed Reinpig!

Dr. M's woolly socks. It's been that kind of week.

Saturday, December 18th
This morning Dr. M went out to refill the bird feeders. Is it a good or a bad sign when you start spending more money on bird food than people food? I jest - I don't think we're quite there yet.

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  1. I prefer to think the birds are kissing! :)

    -2 .... oh my word... that's just insane!

    That picture of the sun is AMAZING!!!!!! That beam shining straight up... wow - so many ideas come to mind about that sight.. beautiful!

  2. oh wow, Tuesday. Beam me up Scotty! Great bird shots. We had four pair of cardinals in the yard this morning. I'm not going to say anything about the you know what.

  3. You're bringing on pig-mania!!
    I predict an epidemic.

    That poor little penguin. Indignant indeed. Someone should brush the snow out of his little penguin eyes.

  4. I like all of the photos, but especially the one you put up on the header. All of that color in the cold winter landscape looks amazing.

  5. Great photos! I don't think I will ever tire of the "indignant penguins" either - what great fun!

    Your cardinal shots are splendid! (And so are the Mister's.)

    Moving on to read your starry-poem now...


  6. Dana - these are all wonderful photos!

    I was thinking though, that Bug's Eye view with an incoming cardinal (your header) is a pretty scary viewpoint! Ha Ha!

    Seriously though, I love that you feed the birds. We do as well--suet for the woodpeckers and seeds for the others. We have had cardinals hover at the suet though. They're not very good at it, but they're willing to try!

  7. we never tire of looking at the indignant penguins either!!!

    -2.....makes me thankful I live in the south!

    I was just about to write what Rebecca Jo did about the sunset...the beam shinning straight up! gorgeous!

  8. -2? Oh shiver. Were your nose hairs sticking together? :)

    Love the sunset, and I scrolled down and read your anniversary posts. You have a sweet story.

  9. One of these years I think you need to interview the owners of Rudolf the red-nosed reinpig and find out the story behind the pig! Inquiring minds want to know :)

    Loved all the bird shots -- you have a great camera (and photographer!).

    Brrrr! is the perfect name for this week. I am ready for summer -- and I'll be wearing my capris and sleeveless tops in less than a week!!!

    Have a WONDERFUL Christmas!

    P.S. Lovely flowers. Is there a story behind the colorful sheep?

  10. Dear The Bug,
    These are some fun shots!!

    and, the commentary rocks.

    Ann T.

  11. i love the snow pictures - but those socks look comfy

  12. Brrrrr is right! Love seeing all your beautiful winter shots my friend!

  13. and when i see that temp...i am so very glad that i live in warm and sunny AZ! Love all of those bird pics and rudolph pig is hystereical. Happy 20th!!! Beautiful flowers...2 of my fav, roses and daisies! Merry Christmas!

  14. Lovely photos: cardinals, snow, Christmas, sunsets, anniversary gifts...Great week!
    Have a beautiful Christmas!

  15. These are some real corkers this week. I love the shot of your church and would like to see more of the stonework (I love patterns). And that shot of the birds feeding or fighting is brilliant! You should make an album of all your 365 pics as a really great record of the year.

  16. Wow those pictures of the birds kissing is amazing. i love the cardinal too. Beautiful.
    Love your socks and the reinpig.

  17. wow, beautiful snow pics,beautiful cardinal too!


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