Project 365 – Week Fifty

Oh man, Christmas is coming, isn't it? Yikes! I'm not ready! Oh well, the one thing we're managing to get done is make sure we take at least one picture per day.

Sunday, December 5th
Dr. M took some pictures of our Christmas decorations in the snow.

Once again we have indignant penguin luminaries. Doesn't this guy look annoyed?

Monday, December 6th
Oh! Oh! Here's a picture I took! Guess who?

And the buffalo shall lie down with the goat… or is that not how it goes? Also, that goat doesn't really look like it's resting. It looks like it's eating.

Sunset on our street –gorgeous!

Tuesday, December 7th
Since this is Pearl Harbor Day, I'm intrigued that our one picture for today shows a scene that could be a soldier's view in war – in the European theatre, obviously.

Wednesday, December 8th
Another sunset. I could see this as I drove home. I envisioned picking up my camera & taking the picture. But I didn't. So I was thrilled to see this on Dr. M's camera when I got home! This is one of my favorite kinds of skies.

Thursday, December 9th
Dr. M took some pictures of the decorations on his campus. I love this shot with all the trees in the corners of the building.

There's a story behind this picture. I don't know why I'm so intrigued with taking pictures of my own face – and this one just amuses me no end.

Friday, December 10th
I helped trim the tree at church. I was one of the younguns, so they put me on the ladder to get to the top. I only broke one ornament, so I guess I was successful.

I was still too short to do the star – thank goodness this fellow showed up!

Saturday, December 11th

Today was graduation at Dr. M's school. Here he is rushing out the door to get there in time. He has his birthday briefcase slung over his shoulder.

On his way home he stopped at a pottery shop & got me this lovely oil lamp for our anniversary (it's on Wednesday - 20 years!)!

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  1. Your snow sure look pretty! What is the story behind the face picture? I think the world needs to know. And happy anniversary!!! (Happy Birthday Dr M).

  2. I love the penguins and love the see the pig again!
    Beautiful sunsets, too! And Happy Anniversary - 20 years! Wow!

  3. You two got some great shots this week. Love the sunset colors. I think you could have put that star up though. You just needed to climb a little higher.

  4. Dec. 7 picture: It could be outside Bastogne, winter of 1944-5: Christmas has come and gone, but the valiant defenders fight on. At long last the sun makes an appearance, and the clearing sky soon will be filled with Allied planes. Cousin Vance and the rest of Patton's 3rd Army have wheeled to the north, the counter-attack has begun, and Hitler's last desperate gambit has failed. Yes, very appropriate.

  5. these are great and I really had to smile at some of your comments :))

  6. Love those gorgeous sunsets! What a sweet lamp! An early Happy Anniversary! We celebrated 20 in Feb of this year.

  7. Love the sunset pictures and nice decorations.

    Enjoy your week!

  8. The penguins always make me laugh with snow on them!!

    you have the most beautiful sunsets where you live!!!

    This made me lol...whey faced pig eyed crone!!! I have never heard that one the new hair cut!!!

    Happy anniversary!

  9. love Tuesday's picture and Thursday's of you.

  10. Favorite--Dec. 7
    All the decoration photos--fun, funny, and lovely. You too, Bug, all the above!
    Have a great anniversary week! Love the lamp, I'll show Mike the photo.

  11. You got snow to go with your christmas decorations. Love the sunset picture. Gorgeous color.
    We didn't break any ornaments this year.

  12. What beautiful sunsets!! I love the penquins and think I would look indignant if I had to stand in the cold too!

  13. Bwahahahaha! You made me laugh out loud with the buffalo and the goat thing. Good thing I didn't have a drink in my hand!

  14. I'm viewing this first thing in the morning before I even have coffee (because apparently the pump broke and we have no water with which to make coffee). Anyway, at first I read "indigent" penguins and I was confused. LOL
    Rudolf the red-nosed piggy?
    Gorgeous sunsets. Don't you think we have purtier sunsets in the winter?
    That is a lovely little lamp! Happy 20th. Woot!

  15. 20 years! CONGRATULATIONS!!! That's great!


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