Monday, March 14, 2011

Monday Miscellany, Take 2

OK, now let’s be miscellaneous.

·         Whew! That was a BUSY day at work! I guess I do more than I think I do during the course of a week, since I spent most of today doing last week’s work. And no, smarty pants, I didn’t finish it all today. I’ll probably finish the rest of it in the morning.

·         I have over 100 unread blogs on my reader. This is two days worth. I think I see what may be using up all of my time – since not playing games hasn’t seemed to decrease the amount of time I spend on my computer. There’ll be some skimming going on tonight…

·         I’ve been laughing all day because my affirmation for the day is “I let serenity flow into my life.” First of all, I was sitting up in bed looking at it last night & dropped it on the floor – and almost fell out of bed trying to pick it up. Then this morning my car had issues. It finally started, but then when I got to work my desk was piled up with stuff to do. Definitely not a serene start to my day. But every time I thought of my affirmation I laughed because it was so funny - & I think that laughter definitely leads to serenity. Eventually. Heh.

·         Last week Dr. M was talking to his boss on the phone about his fall schedule & what classes he will teach. Then I heard him start talking about Zoroastrianism. That’s my hubby – historian and expert on religions of the world. And who talks about that with their boss?

·         I picked Kansas to win the NCAA tournament. As I recall, I picked Kansas last year too & they got knocked out in the second round. Let’s see if this year can be just as exciting!

·         I leave you with this photo, taken somewhere in West Virginia. What more could anyone want?

Oscar Mayer Bologna commercial:


  1. Oh man. Deep fried bologna.


    That explains a lot ...

  2. deep fried what exactly?

    in scotland you can get deep fried mars bars - so who are we to talk?

  3. Echoing DFTP. What is Bologna other than a city? They can deep-fry a whole city!?

  4. Several things about bologna:

    This picture was taken in southeastern Ohio, not West Virginia.

    It's pronounced "baloney" in the U.S., and it's a lunch meat that in its classic form is made from pork, mostly (there are variations made from beef or poultry or a combination of meats). You really don't want to know more than that.

    It can be eaten as a cold cut, but most Southerners prefer it warmed in a skillet. Deep fried? That's new to me. I guess it holds in all the fat that comes out when you brown it in a pan. Yeesh!

    B.o.l.o.g.n.a is stamped into the minds of every American our age, thanks to this commercial from the early '70s:
    It is a masterpiece of branding.

  5. My husband loves fried bologna (I've never heard him talk about the deep-fried version). I guess it really isn't that different from any other um, processed meat, like a hot dog. I've never been a bologna fan.

  6. we fry bologna sometimes but not deep fried...
    we've had fun poking at our anomalies ;)

  7. Now I've got a craving for a fried bologna sandwich! LOL
    Seriously, have you ever had one? Gotta use gummy white bread, mayo, just a hint of mustard and fry the bologna until it's charred. YUM!

  8. @Kim: I should have said "blackened in a skillet" above...that really is the only way to eat it! Throw it in a hot pan and fry it, definitely. I could go for a fried bologna sandwich right now, in fact.

  9. family...from the south by the way...used to eat fried bologna at least once a week. We cut the edges so that it wouldn't curl up. I have not had it since I moved out of my parents home over 40 years ago. Dr. M leads an interesting life. I think studying religion and teaching it would be fun...and history also. Dana...100 blog! I am honored that you still visit blog is not very interesting...ha.


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