Friday, March 18, 2011

Weekly Wordzzle - a Story and a Poem - Score!

Well, I missed last week (and maybe the week before? I don't remember), but I'm back with some gems this week. Really! Well, maybe not, but I thoroughly enjoyed writing them, so that's the important thing. It's my blog - I can have fun if I want to!

Words for the mini: organism, energy, harmonica, calibration, spread your wings and fly

Spread your wings and fly,” sang the man with the harmonica. He followed me with his eyes as I crossed the street. The energy of the moment was all wrong – I felt that he wasn’t really a street corner musician. He didn’t even once put his lips to the harmonica. Although he did have a lovely voice. Had the Organism recruited a balladeer to monitor my comings and goings? It didn’t matter – today was my last day in this Godforsaken city. The calibration of my equipment would be completed in a matter of hours.

Abruptly, the music ended. I turned to see that the corner was empty except for a harmonica in the street. And knew that I would not be leaving the city this day.

Word for the 10-worder: wanderlust, wisdom, popcorn, hearts and flowers, melting snow, bank account, chapter, painting, politics, imagination

I used to think I
had the wanderlust.
I thought I needed
to see the painting
and live the chapter -
and leave nothing
to my imagination.
No spectator, popping
popcorn into my
sedentary mouth,
I would live on
melting snow,
hearts and flowers
as my due.
But the politics
of a balanced
bank account
showed me the
wisdom of home
and the charm
of a library card.

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  1. Score! is right! Way to go with your wordzzles. Sorry to be absent this week. When I don't blog I tend not to make the circuit. Bad girl!

  2. oh my goodness..great ones
    especially the poem...
    I'm going to put that one in my journal if you don't mind...I liked it so much
    But I still do have wanderlust coursing through my veins..;)

  3. Your story kinda gave me goosebumps. As in, "Is the Bug a Terminator sent from another plant? Am I being watched, too?" Oh my, well done!

  4. I love both of these, though I want more of your first little story. I love your poem, especially the last 7 lines (Politics... library card.). Well done. Glad to have company again this week. Wordzzles has gotten lonely. Mine are posted now.

  5. I liked the first the best. I tried writing something for the challege, but its really not that easy. Maybe next week I'll try again becore I read what others have done. (less pressure to messure up.)

  6. These ARE gems! I want a continuation of the first story though, you CANNOT just leave it there!

    You poem was a corker - I love the ending. "The charm of a library card" is such an effective way of symobolising all that's stable and conventional - bravo!


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