Monday, March 21, 2011

Monday Miscellany

I feel extra miscellaneous today, so let’s have at it!

·         For the second time in two days I’ve used my night facial moisturizer in the morning. I think this reveals a deep seated confusion as to why I have to be up at that hour.

·         I’ve arranged for the towing of my trusty steed to the nearest dealer. After they’ve looked at it we’ll see what the damage will be (by damage, I mean $).

·         I’m distressed over the fact that newer cars don’t seem to have cassette players. I don’t need it for cassettes – I need it for the cassette adapter I use so that I can listen to audio books on my mp3 player. The cute little rental has a USB plug, but apparently my device isn’t compatible. So I burned a book onto 9 CDs (perfectly legal) because heaven forbid I should be without a book for a week! But it just seems like such a waste…

·         I really hope that my current nighttime restlessness is just related to the earth’s seasonal change and not mine. Sigh. Dr. M has also been really restless and although I used to think that he had cycles too (he seemed EXTRA annoying at certain times of the month – or was that just me?), I don’t really think we’ll travel this particular one together. So I’m crossing my fingers for time change distress.

·         Today is the 6th anniversary of my mother’s flying away. I wrote about it here last year. Rest in peace you crazy woman. Love you.

Laughing until she cried...


  1. all I can say is welcome to the land of insomnia.

  2. I love the picture of your Mom. There's such joy in her face! Hope the restlessness is seasonal. There HAS been this big ol' moon out there.

  3. I believe she has found peace, but, knowing your mother, I doubt eternal rest has anything to do with it :-) I filled out the attendance sheet at 8am and wrote 3/21 on it, and that's when I remembered. Good thing I was showing a documentary! Six Love you, Danabug!

  4. Anniversaries like this can be surprisingly poignant and tender. I like the picture of your mom.

    If the usb is incompatible, try radio shack for an adapter. They sell interchangeable tips to fit a variety of devices.

  5. Dana, I went back and read your piece about your mom. She sounds a lot like MY mom! Our 60's photos could be the same!

    My mom was in a near-fatal car accident in 1986 and while in and out of the hospital for therapy they found breast cancer. Did the surgery, and was very, very blessed to have NO recurrences.

    Now, three children married, and four grandchildren later, we are so blessed that she is still running around teaching Special Olympics tennis and coaching wheelchair tennis, and generally creating sparks of life and laughter wherever she goes.

    I'm sorry that you lost your mom so early. I'm glad you shared her with us today, because it reminds me to call mine and tell her I love her.

  6. Your mother looks really cheerful in the photo. I miss mine even after twenty years.
    Insomnia is horrod especailly if you have to work.
    My sympathies.

  7. I see you all over the place at blogs I like. So I need to find out who/what/why you are.
    I like what I see.

    Hi there, Bug.

  8. What a great mixture of stuff! I am not good in the mornings so I can empathise with the night cream debacle. Your mom looks quite a character! And, for the restlessness, well that must be the supermoon, surely?

  9. I lost my mother when I was 13. I sometimes think losing her then was easier than at a more "normal" time in my life but it's never easy.

  10. I still miss my Mom. She has been gone for 7 years. I really wished I would had spent more time with her while she was here and taken more of an interest in her and her thoughts. I went back and read your post about your Mom, and on the photo of her giving "the look", I sure see you in her eyes. I have always hated having my picture taken also. Hope your restlessness settles down.

  11. mom's pic is looks too good. love the way she smiles :)

  12. We have One mother, and when she's gone we never get over her departure.

    As for insomnia, try a small square of bitter chocolate (85%cocoa) before you go to sleep; maybe it'll work for you and bring you immediate sleep.

  13. Good luck with your auto woes. We had some work done today. Still don't have the total. Yikes!

    Your mother is lovely.

  14. Your mom had the most engaging, warming smile, Bug. You'll see her again someday, but I know it's still difficult because you miss her in the here and now.

    I'm taking a Chinese herbal supplement called (prepare to groan) "Happy Day" that seems to have helped with my insomnia. Non Addictive and with a name your friends can mock...I highly recommend it :-)


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