Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Poetry Bus - Hanging by a Vowel

MuseSwings is the bus driver this week & gave us three different prompts. I'm not sure I'm following the first one exactly correctly, but if you've followed the bus at all you'll see that not following the directions is, in fact, an important quality in a bus passenger. Here's what she asked:

Write a poem with illustration. Write and draw to your heart's content, and bring it along.

And here's what she got. 

E M P    T H Y

The gallows await for want of an A
(or is it an O?). Oh if I knew I
wouldn’t feel that noose
trapping the words in my head
(you expect me to talk with this thing on?).
You think I’m good with those words
but I’m not.
I watch your wretched face
and consider my verbal options
“Let’s go kick their teeth in,”
feels right, but is probably not
what you’re looking for.
Sigh. Will “I love you,” do?

Please note - these are original Bug drawings. Try to not be jealous. Now, go here to read other poems! That second prompt looked really interesting - go see who might use it!


  1. nice one - and great artwork. Picasso spent years trying to draw like that!

  2. Good one! although I was always annoyed
    by the gallows-stick figure could have anywhere... Thanks.

  3. Great poem and response to the prompt! Your masterful artwork shows a studied and keen eye for the primitive style!

  4. While I appreciate your artistic drawing talent, I do have to say that I adore your wordplay. Try as they may, some people will always be missing that A to complete the word. Something tells me you're not one of those people.

  5. Yes, excellent tying in the themes of the hangman, and "empathy", and.....well, I don't know if you did this on purpose, but "The Scarlet Letter" comes to mind as I read this.

  6. I think this is pretty fabulous. Love the title!

  7. I forgot all about that game! We used to play all the time as kids. Kind of a creepy game for kids, eh?

    Love your poem. x

  8. LOL You are so clever. All I can draw is a straight line, but I would never have thought of your stick man. If I can't be talented, I'd at least like to be clever. You've shown both talent and cleverness. You go.

  9. Oh you are such the artist. I am jealous. :)

  10. Love the name....great play on words!

    You are a true artist!!!


  11. Okay, I admit it, I am so jealous of your drawings, especially the emotional connection of the last one!!!! Is the stick figure smiling??? Great take on the prompt Bug.

  12. You guys are so funny about the "art." :)

  13. I kept looking for the A in the pictire somewhere, it's there somewhere isn't it?

  14. Bug! That's brilliant! All of it.

  15. It fits the prompt exactly! You've done great things to earn your ticket. I appreciate seeing what the entire hangman looks like. I usually wander off about the time the left arm is drawn. Take a nice window seat, Bug

  16. Excellent! I was hopeful for your little hanged man for a moment, with his one foot on the ground, but scrolling down he was not so tall after all.


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