Sunday, March 20, 2011

Poetry Bus - Prime Fail

Uiscebots is the poetry bus driver this week & gave us an excellent task: 1. Go somewhere new. 2. Experience it. 3. Write about it. I was planning on going to the Columbus Arts & Crafts Museum to check out an exhibit that contains some of Ellen’s work, but Dr. M & I decided to save that for next week. Instead, I did something very different* than going to a museum.

After you’ve read my poem please go to Uiscebot’s blog to check out the other poets. We have a great bunch on the bus. Why, there’s practically no punching or taking of pictures while a person is asleep and their fly is unzipped (oh, wait – that was my 8th grade field trip).

Prime Fail

An assault was planned.
Provisions laid by.
Route mapped.
It was in and out
precision at
its finest.
Within an hour
the troop withdrew
the field
only to find
its trusty steed
had gone lame.
The troop ate
a sandwich
and bought
some socks
while waiting
for the

*I went to a local outlet center to purchase some shoes. And ended up having the day from heck. My car died & I waited about 5 hours before it was towed home. If I liked to shop it might have been kind of fun, but I don’t. And there was the issue of many dollars being needed to fix the car. So my poem is just slightly different than I had planned for it to be. Sigh.


  1. Hehe I like the martial tone to this. I think going shopping is sometimes more like a military expedition than it needs to be. Great take on a day at the shops/car breakdowns.

  2. Ah poor bug, and poor car but at least there was a cavalry, it's always good to have one close by!!

  3. Love the way your shopping expedition sounds like a military maneuver! Good luck with the car. At least you have a bus to ride this week????

  4. I love the phrase "day from heck" I will be borrowing that one!!

    Hate it when that happens though, with the car dying :(
    Hope the dollars needed to fix it weren't too many!

  5. Sometimes life throws a wobbly! Thank goodness for the cavalry...

  6. Regiment, attention! good one!
    sorry the day left you unattended-
    I know that kind of stuck! Hate it...
    don't much like shopping either. Thanks.

  7. Ha ! I'm not laughing at your predicament but at your poem! I love the way you turnedtragedy into a metap(oet)horical triumph! Yabba!

  8. One day I will hop on that bus, but it seems I keep missing it!

    Great poem!


  9. Lovely! Especially 'the troop' - such a great noun. In fact, I liked every line.
    Sorry it all went wrong, but it has made for a spiffing poem.

  10. I really love the metaphor! Great poem.


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