Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Thankful Thursday

Let's look on the bright side of life for a minute:

·         Dr. M's mom had surgery on her hip & is already going back to the nursing home tomorrow. We're glad that the surgery went well - and we're hopeful for a quick recovery.

·         I finished the last book in the Millennium series today (The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest). I thoroughly enjoyed all the books - it's really too bad that Stieg Larsson died before they were published & that there aren't going to be any more novels by him.

·         I am thankful for today's snow. Well, that might be a stretch (see yesterday's post). And it wasn't much of a snow - but I'm hopeful that in the middle of the summer remembering it will keep me from complaining about the heat. If I were you I wouldn't place any bets on that happening. The not complaining I mean. But feel free to remind me of this date come mid-summer. 

This is the look on my face after I saw the first snowflake this morning

·         Tomorrow is baseball's opening day!! I'm so excited - we have been in baseball withdrawal for quite some time now. There's always a bit of a honeymoon period at the end of the season where I'm glad that it's done, but it doesn't really last very long. It's like how I'm glad to spend some time alone at home - and then after about an hour and a half I'm bored with myself & wishing for Dr. M.

·         And speaking of Dr. M, I'm glad he's on his way home from his late class. And now I need to go fix his dinner!

It’s your turn! What are you thankful for today?


  1. Giggling at the photo. I probably would pass out if I see one more snowflake fall from the sky but then again it's almost April and I'm STILL in a winter coat AND mittens AND hat so.. .sigh.

  2. I'm thankful for the sun which is streaming in at the window - and that I've just had my lunch.

  3. I do believe you're stretching it a bit with the snow thing...snow is noticeably absent from my thankful post! But i do wish Dr. Bug's mom well!

  4. Bekah - it's the fact that it was cold enough to snow that annoyed me. Well, and I wasn't expecting to see actual flakes - we had quite a nice snow shower going there for a while :)

  5. I'm just about to start the first of the Millenium books - didn't know that the author was dead.

    I'm thankful its nearly friday and, also, i will finally have a chance to practice my sax tonight

  6. I'm struggling mightily to forgive you for the snow comment. We got two inches, and it sent me right over the edge. Completely over.

    I remain steadfastly committed to running as far away as fast as I can from Ohio as soon as I can after retirement TO A PLACE WHERE I NEVER HAVE TO SEE SNOW AGAIN.

  7. Sorry Nance :) I know I'm a wimp. Dr. M & I would like to move back to NC if we are ever able to retire.


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