Saturday, March 19, 2011

2011 Project 365 – Week Twelve

The moon is the star of this week’s show (& why I’ve waited so long today to post this).

Sunday, March 13th      
Here are some pictures from our drive home from NC on Sunday. The first one is a mode of travel that looks like fun – unless it’s cold, or hot – or if your hips are wider than the wheels. I jest, mine aren’t QUITE that wide.

Here are just some shots of the drive – we love this commute so much more than the one we used to take from Cincinnati on I-75.

Monday, March 14th  
We have greenery in our raised bed! It’s one of the daylilies I got from Ellen last fall.

I went over to our church to take some pictures of our homeless shelter – basically it’s inflatable mattresses in the fellowship hall.

Tuesday, March 15th
The State of the Bug. I’ve been having some restless nights – and going to bed later courtesy of the time change – so I was feeling pretty sleepy on my way to work. Fortunately my audio book (The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest) keeps me awake on the journey, but once I turned the car engine off I was ready to head to dreamland. So of course I took a picture.

Wednesday, March 16th
When I got home from work it was still warm & DAYLIGHT so I checked out the front flower bed. There was some greenery buried under a bunch of dead stuff from last year so I worked on it a little bit with the gloves I won from Robin. Thanks Robin!

Just an update on the primrose I got for my birthday – still looking good!

The first moon shot of the week.

Thursday, March 17th      
It’s the Tax Time Pig! Of course he’s dressed for St. Patrick’s Day… in a knitted bathing suit?

The squirrel picture of the week.

Friday, March 18th
Today was the day. I had said I was leaving it up until the time changed, but as you can see above we weren’t home when the time changed. And I didn’t want to mess with it during the week. So, nearly three months after Christmas, the tree is gone. Ha!

Saturday, March 19th
Well, today had a lot of potential to be good. Dr. M had things to do at school & I was going to make a trip to our local outlet center to check out Skechers. The shopping went fine – it was the part where I tried to start my car when I was finished that didn’t go so hot. I ended up having to call AAA & have it towed home. So, about 5 and a half hours after I finished shopping I made it home. Luckily the outlet center is only around 20 miles away – the tow cost $75.00. 

Dr. M wasn't too sure if this guy would be able to get the truck backed in.

But he did just fine. And was kind of cute too :)

Now to get a rental car for next week ($200) & then have my car towed to Saturn. If we can find a Saturn dealer (since they don’t make them anymore). Another $900 or so to have it fixed (Dr. M looked up what he thinks is wrong & that’s the estimate) & we’ll be good. I’m kind of depressed about it, actually.

But, look, it’s the moon! It does cheer a person up a bit, I think.

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  1. Love the moon pics! And I always love Tax Time Pig - although this week St. Pigtrick's outfit makes me wonder if he is, perhaps, a trilfe confused :).

  2. Thank you for the moon pictures, Bug. They're impressive shots!
    We were under cloud for the whole night. Bah!

  3. Beautiful moon shots! Mine did not turn out very clear, but it was great to sit and watch her rise.

    My primroses both died. :(

  4. Boo to your car- we've spent over $1300 in the past month on both of ours. And our car guy is not nearly as cute- that was a bonus for you! But did you get some Sketchers? LOVE those things!

  5. You got some magnificent photos of the moon. You really should share your camera info and settings for those of us who try, but just can't compete. I know I need a tripod, and should be using my son's Nikon instead of my Sony point and shoot.

    Just wonderful! Please share the specifics.

  6. Thank you for sharing your project, Bug. It was fun to ramble through all the pictures. The moon is big, the Christmas tree is down and the lilies are sprouting. I love the "mode of travel" pic you captured. It did look fun! Alas, I'm not so sure about my old hips fitting into that!
    The garage mechanic doesn't want to fix my 1995 Honda anymore. Too much salty rust. It's new car buying time for me. =D

  7. Great series of photographs! You gotta love those Goldwing folks.

  8. the scenery on your trip...beautiful!! As are those shots of the moon.

    sorry for your car trouble..that is not a good way to end your week!

  9. Awesome moon pictures...bummer about your car :( Hope you get out cheaper than that. And glad to see you have arrived into srping Christmas tree free!! Tax Time Pig in a Knit green & white bathing suit brought a giggle to my lips...seriously...a pig in a bathing suit...bbbaaahhhaa!! Hope you have a good week!

  10. I'm glad that your Primrose is thriving and I love your moon shots. I fell asleep too early last night to see it :(

    Have a great week,

  11. Sorry to hear about your car, I hope it costs far less than that to get it all fixed up for you.

    The moon pictures were good!

    So if the pig is in two piece, maybe it's a she and not a he? :)

  12. Love the state of the Bug pic! Ouch, though, what an expensive week!

  13. Love the state of the Bug pic! Ouch, though, what an expensive week!

  14. I'm cracking up you just got your tree down!!!!! And totally not telling my husband because he'll say, "SEEEEEE!!!!" I can take it down later next year!

    The state of the bug just made me sleepy :)

    Now I'd cruise on that contraption. Its been a motorcycle & a volkswagon, isnt it? Yep, my butt fatt wont (HOPEFULLY) hang off the side of that! COOL!

  15. Great moon shot - sorry for the car trouble too.

    I used to live off I-75 in Florence, Kentucky -

  16. Yea for working in the garden! I am itching to get to work in mine,I may do a bit of soil prep this week but it is still a bit early to do any planing!

    Boo to having car trouble, that is never any fun!

    I love all the scenery along the way on your trip.

    When the fam was on vacay in Yellowstone we saw a lot of those motorcycles. The hubs and I teased each other that we would get on when we retired, I actually think it might be kinda fun!

    Have a great week!

  17. Beautiful!! I was going to do moon pictures, but then I said, Nah, The Bug will have some I'll just enjoy hers! Seriously.

    would it be possible to throw a plastic garbage bag over the three with the lights and decorations on? That would save time on both ends.

    Did you tell your tow guy that he would be the topic of conversation amoungest a bunch of women?

  18. As always...moon shots are awesome. Loved the trike picture. My cousins husband just traded his Harley in for one. I can't wait to ride it with him. The pig was too cute.

  19. Those moon pictures are awesome!
    Have a blessed week!

  20. If you had enough storage space you could just carry your tree there decorated and all.
    Grrrrrrrrrreat pics as always, and you look good in green.

  21. I wish I had captured the moon too. Great shots. Love the tax time st patty's pig:)


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