Monday, March 28, 2011

Monday Miscellany

“What is life, but a collection of miscellaneous events that make up a blog post?” The Bug

• Dr. M’s mom fell and broke her hip over the weekend. Despite her other problems, she has actually been in fairly good physical shape for the last while so we’re hopeful that she’ll be able to recover from this quickly. The problem will be getting her to understand that she can’t move the hip.

• I was glad to get my car back last week. I might think I want a new car, and I did enjoy the rental, but I’m a creature of habit and I am quite comfortable with my Saturn. I know where all the buttons are. I like the drink holder situation (very important!). I can listen to my audio books without problems. So here’s hoping I can put another 115,000 miles on it! Maybe I should give it a name. Any ideas?

• I went to downtown Columbus for the first time on Saturday. Although I have been many places for the first time by myself (college, Zambia, Ohio Department of Jobs & Family Services) I don’t really like it. But I made it to the restaurant to meet a friend after only two wrong turns, so it wasn’t too bad. I enjoyed poking around a vintage store (um, filled with stuff from my childhood – plus they had the Olivia Newton John Physical album for heaven’s sake – that’s not vintage. Is it?). And I enjoyed the Texas Chair Project quite a lot. So the takeaway is that it’s good to venture out of your comfort zone every now & then.

• I just glanced out the window of my office & I see that there is ICE on the water in the pool in front of my building. Ice! What. The. Hell. Sigh.

• I put my NCAA Basketball Tournament Bracket form in the recycling yesterday. Kansas was the only team I had left & now they’re gone. But I’m pretty excited about Virginia Commonwealth & Butler making the final four – and VCU had to play a play-in game so the fact that they made it this far is pretty amazing. Or maybe the selection committee has issues (which I think we would all agree with since they sent eleven big east teams to the tournament & now only one remains, which, you know, actually makes sense since there are only four teams left. But still.).

OK, that’s enough miscellany for now. Have a great day!


  1. ice? well we had a taste of summer yesterday, hot and muggy. cool front blew in though thank goodness. notice I said 'cool' front. the cold fronts are history til next season.

  2. The absolute best thing about this weekend was watching the basketball upsets. The final four will actually be a pleasure to watch.

    Why not name your car Veritas since she is the goddess of truth and the daughter of Saturn and Virtue.

  3. So sorry about your mom-in-law's hip. I just said a prayer for her. We used to have a Saturn and we had over 100,000 miles on it. We generally keep our cars until they just get too expensive to keep, or have to be towed to the junk yard.
    I am beginning to wonder what kind of summer we are going to have.....

  4. praying for your husband's mother. my MIL broke her hip 16 months ago and is still recovering! It has been hard on her.. (and us)

  5. Our 1988 Dodge Neon is still running well, though it could use a set of shocks and tires are getting towards thin. I'm amazed that it is 23 years old and still our main means of conveyance.

  6. Sorry to hear about the broken hip. Postive thoughts are sent her way.

    I've never enjoyed a tournament quite as much as this one. How exciting! Even when your favorite team loses. I'm just sorry that VCU and Butler have to play each other and one will be eliminated from the finals. Of course, having a son and DIL who are Butler grads, I'll be hoping Cinderella VCU loses both her slippers.

  7. I actually won my little family bracket pool, my wildcats of Arizona did great and I love watching underdogs. So far a great March Madness for me. I love my Saturn too and I get a little bummed knowing that I'll never have the chance to buy another one...sigh.

  8. I'm terrible about naming cars, but I've owned Saturns since 1994 and have loved every one. I would be willing to bet that yours will go another 110,000 miles! I traded in my first at 176,000.

    Final Four? UConn, of course! Men AND women! Those Lady Huskies totally rock. (You do know I'm from Connecticut, right?)

  9. Wishing Dr. M's mom a speedy and uneventful recovery.

    We finally got our car back from the doctor today. I was pleasantly surprised with the bill. I agree with you about keeping your car. We drive our cars as long as possible.

    We are very excited about VCU.

  10. Yes, snow forecast for NJ for Friday!

  11. ha! i have fond memories of singing 'physical' at the top of my lungs in my youth. ;)

    here's to hoping i can mirror the miles you get off of your car. mine is in great need of replacement... errr, i mean repair. but i don't want the note. ha.

    it's hard to imagine ice. hell is what our texas summers are. wish i could share some of our warmth with you guys! ;)

    so sorry to hear about the broken hip. hope she has a speedy recovery... and listens to instructions. ;)


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