I’m fighting a war with myself today. On the one hand it’s very tempting to take November off like Annie is. On the other hand, it’s very tempting to join NannoBloggo (or whatever it’s called) & post every day in November. The second option actually fits my personality better, but would you thank me for it? I think not! But we’ll see how it goes. I’ll post something today & then we’ll just see. And I might take a month off in the summer. But probably not. See? Now I’m just confused!

My niece is working on a school project and needs postcards. I thought I would wield my Vast Influence & see if any of you might be interested in sending her one. If so, send me an email (address in my profile) & I’ll give you her address.

Note: we’ve got Ohio covered.

I am getting ready to open a can of spam (heh), but I decided to do a little Public Service Announcement. I very rarely get spam on my blog. And I don’t make my commenters jump through the captcha hoop. So how do I do it? I don’t allow anonymous commenting on my blog (sorry to folks who don’t want to have to register!), and I moderate comments on posts older than 14 days. That’s it.

Now that I’ve posted that on my blog I expect that I will henceforth get at least three spam comments a day.

Lastly, Dr. M’s birthday is less than two weeks away & I have no idea what to get him. He wants a katana, but that’s not really in the budget. Ideas, anyone? He’s a sheep-loving history professor with an interest in weapons and piracy.

Admit it – if you saw that description on Match.com you’d snatch him right up! (Love you, dear heart)


  1. I can send a postcard from California, San Diego area. I might also have other postcards from other states if push comes to shove, so to speak. My MIL always seemed to get postcards from where she traveled and now that we are living in her house (she/FIL passed last year), I have come across lots of postcards so let me know.

    I did the blog a day thingy three years ago. It gets challenging to come up with something every day. I was glad for the month to be over.

    Blogger is really good about catching spam and not posting the comments on your blog but they leave it in their spam folder. I too moderate comments after 14 days and that is where I seem to get the most spam on the older entries.


  2. You know, once I tried the Bug Settings on my blog, I got more comments on how grateful they were that WordVer was gone than the post itself. LOL.

    Without the suggested settings, I got a ton of spam comments that were not caught by Blogger.

    Consider this a Testimonial.

    With regard to a gift idea for The Professor...sigh. I'd say think along the lines of An Experience rather than a gift, per se. You're creative. Get crackin'!

  3. I had to Google katana- Japanese sword. Interesting that hubby wants one. But then I own a WWI Prussian cavalry sword, have had it since I was thirteen. Swords are cool.

  4. You crack me up! I can send your niece a postcard if she needs one from St Louis. Or St Charles.

  5. I would be happy to send a postcard from the motor city!

    You're running out of time, but you could crochet your husband some sort of weapon holster out of wool. There. Sheep and weapons covered. With the spare yarn, make him an eye patch. Problems solved!

  6. I was going to suggest an eye patch, too, but hadn't thought of you crocheting him one. Good idea!

  7. hmmm...presents get harder to think of as they get older and men are just the worst when they say..."oh I don't know...get me anything"...best of luck!!!

  8. First: you inspired me to blog today. How about that!

    Second: I have postcards from all over the place. I have a habit of buying them whenever I go somewhere with the intention of writing them (I used to write them, truly!). Does the post mark have to match the subject of the card? What do these postcards need to say? Inquiring minds and all that!

    Third: A birthday in the offing? Hmmm... I am of no help in terms of ideas, but I suspect you'll think of something. As previously noted, you're creative!

    Fourth: Have a great evening!

  9. I am no good at gifts, either, unless we're talking about something you'd like to get me ;)

  10. I always get my husband something I would really like. That way, if he doesn't like it, at least one of us is happy.

    I had to google katana, too. Would a big kitchen knife do? ;-p


  11. Sure, blog every day. I'd love to read it. And through no effort on my part I don't get any spam comments, either.

    I had to Google katana, too. Doesn't every pirate need a parrot? Even a little stuffed one he could perch on his shoulder would make a nice addition to his wardrobe. ( A nice touch of realism might be a little dribble of parrot poop on his back. Hehe!)


  12. How about a postcard from London? I'll contact you via e-mail.

    Did I tell you I watched your "Joe vs. The Volcano" clip? I need to rent that movie. I don't know how I missed it all this time. I can definitely see how my photo reminded you of that scene!

    I've turned off the captcha too. It's just too annoying. I also moderate comments on older posts -- and I've found that I really don't get much spam. Blogger is pretty good at catching it.


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