Throwback Thursday

My poor brother - I did warn him that I was going to post this picture of us. His Army son came home for Christmas yesterday, so I thought this was a good time to post it. I'm wearing my dad's National Guard coveralls, and J is wearing... well you can see what he's wearing. He says at least his hat, purse, & shoes matched!

P.S. Check out Dr. M's throwback post to a Christmas poem past: here.


  1. ah, the things we do to our kid brothers. I hit mine in the head with a chain once and made him tell outr parents that he fell.

  2. Very funny. I assume your brother has forgiven you for dressing him like that.

  3. So cute and funny! My son got into a basket of laundry once and came into the kitchen wearing my bra. I have a pic of it somewhere around her.


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