Magpie #24

That dream – if I stay quite still
Just another while
Can I conjure it at will
Or is it lost to that file

Of things that reappear
Like snatches of old songs
With all those nightmare fears
That linger twice as long

As that phantom lover's kiss?
I feel it drift away
Ephemeral as mist,
Fleeting as my wedding day.

One lovely afternoon
Out of almost twenty years.
One shuttle pass on the loom
Weaving our joy and tears.

You lie by my side
In your own dream world
Perhaps I'll let my dreams bide
And steal one of yours.

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  1. Dreams are such funny things. The ones I want to hold on to are the ones that seem to fade away the fastest. Great poem. I love your use of language.

  2. Beautiful poem with great imagery. I really enjoyed the meter and rhyme - it takes a lot of time and effort. Bravo!

  3. Dear The Bug,
    Oh, this is all about self and other in a marriage, huh. How beautifully done.

    Ann T.

  4. I do slip back into a dream once in a while! Wonderful piece, Bug!

  5. I have always enjoyed trying to 'replay' my dreams when I awaken. It's fun to analyze them.

    Your Magpie ~~ beautifully composed.

  6. Beautiful, Bug! I loved it and that's exactly the way it is.

    "Ephemeral as mist"

    Last night I dreamed that someone accused me of stealing her pants. I don't know why, but I had to share that with you. I know you could have lived a good life without knowing it.

  7. Your poetry reads with such grace and elegance, it is a joy to lose oneself in. You capture the distorting wonder of dreams in the most magical way.

  8. wonderful oem...perhaps i will steal one of yours...i like it....smiles.

  9. Lovely, I love the last stanza --- stealing the others dream...very nice ..bkm

  10. "Out of almost twenty years.
    One shuttle pass on the loom
    Weaving our joy and tears". Those beautiful lines should be sent to every person considering marriage! Such gentloe and realistic sentiments and how lovely is that, to steal (or share) his/her dreams!
    That guarantees a great relationship.

  11. Lovely poem.
    I enjoyed the rhyme.

  12. This poem weaves itself into your dreams and others..the flow is so natural and touching...

  13. Loved Loved LOVED the last 2 lines...
    Creams take you to sooo many places... And then you wonder, what if I drop by in his and say a hi.. how CUTE is that!
    A fabulous Magpie!

  14. Love it! You are quite talented.

  15. 'As fleeting as my wedding day'. Isn't that true. Great Magpie.


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