Thursday, July 8, 2010

Ode on a Daisy – the Poetry Bus Edition

This week it's Dominic's turn to drive the Poetry Bus & he has quite a fun gimmick for us to try. The challenge is to write a poem on something. Literally. You really do need to go to his blog to see the examples he gives – they're worth the simple click of your mouse.

So here is my attempt. I took a picture of one of our daisies (after a fabulous refreshing storm), printed the picture, and wrote my poem on the picture. I seriously toyed with the idea of picking the flower & actually writing on the petals – but I decided not to sacrifice it to this cause. The menacing looks from Dr. M. may have had something to do with that. Heh. My handwriting is fairly hit or miss, so the poem is posted below the picture.

are more
than the
sum of


  1. Dear The Bug,
    I love the shape of that poem and also its words.

    I think your calligraphic commenters could have at least written a haiku for you.

    And, I think your comment is lost. I approved it and it disappeared. I am trying to track it down!

    I'm going to check out that bus . . .
    Ann T.

  2. I. love. this. Really truly, madly deeply. Fab. Any way you look at it.

  3. Oh neat, great and innovative idea on the prompt. Reminds me of all the daisy's I plucked petals from seeking answers.
    I love the simplicity of your poem, it's clarity and directness.

  4. Fantastic. We were saying here onlt the other day how it would be impossible to write on a daisy. How would you have done it?

  5. Lovely, fresh idea - and environmentally conscious too!

  6. @ Dominick: brilliant idea for the bus! The Bug had great fun with it. Perhaps you could paint letters on a daisy petal, or maybe just use an ultrafine Sharpie, but it would take a very light, steady hand, indeed, and even then the basic structure of the petal might defeat the artist. I was not about to let The Bug experiment on one or more of *my* daisies, so yes, I glared, lol!

    Dr. M

  7. This is so cute, perfect font and picture, beautiful!

  8. Oh, very creative! I love what you've done and your words are perfect!

    It is a great challenge, isn't it?


  9. Love love love the daisy poem!

    Also love love love LOVE the photos from the last post. You are getting REALLY good with the camera and your editor. Nice!!

  10. oh wow - i've been a bit busy recently catching up with other posts and totally missed this challenge - i love your poem ant the picture - very thought provoking

  11. I love it, I love it not,I love it, I love it not,I love it, I love it not,I love it, I love it not,I love it, I love it not,...I LOVE IT!

  12. Very well done Dana! I love the creative way you displayed your poem. This would make a great greeting card.

  13. Dana, that's perfect! There's such a sweet simplicity to the poem, and the image it really is perfect.

    It's been a long time since I thought of a daisy and perfection in the same moment. Thank you for that, I'm sitting here with the goofiest smile on my face.

    OMG, you should see my verification word! It's psighugg. It sounds like a medieval throat infection. Good gracious.

    I'm going to go back to thinking about daisies now!

  14. That is absolutely wonderful...!


  15. beautifully neat and concise
    thanks for sharing

  16. I agree with some of the others - this would make a great card (postcard or other).

  17. So creative! And lovely! And fresh!

  18. Beautiful image, and a very clever, perfect little poem. Nice one!

  19. Ingenious! Neat little poem too!

  20. Can't decide which I like most - your poem, the picture, your handwriting or the daisy! :) All lovely...

  21. I loved it, put a huge smile onmy face :)

  22. Love the creativity. And your handwriting is dead sexy...

  23. Beautifully simple and simply beautiful.

  24. The meaning of daisies is innocence, purity and cheerfulness... my sentiments here precisely! Ms. Dana, you are the clever one!


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