Tuesday, July 13, 2010

One Shot Wednesday – Ode to a Grapefruit

Ruth's post about Quinoa reminded me of this little gem – written around 1987 or so. Next week I'll try to remember to write something new.

Ode to a Grapefruit

Ah! Humble Fruit – I sing to Thee
With perfect past'ral Modesty.
I sing Your Virtues – clear to Me
In Moments of Senility.

When on Thy rounded perfect Orb
My Eyes alight, They do absorb
An unparagoned Creation of Our Lord –
Which leaves Me quite without a Word.

Thy sly ambrosial Juice that squirts
Into My Eye in vicious spurts –
That hidden sour Taste that lurks –
Are just, indeed, but trifling Quirks.

And so in Moments of Repose
Fancy flies and I compose
A lilting Ode that fairly glows
With Love for that "Most Precious Rose"…

The Grapefruit!

Ok, I know, this is a picture from 2007 of me being cold, but
this is also the face I make when I eat grapefruit!

This poem is part of One Stop Poetry's One Shot Wednesday poetry gathering, where all poets are welcome to share. Leslie (Moondustwriter) is this week's host. Make the rounds – it will no doubt be fascinating!


  1. ha. i love grapefruit...wih a dash of sugar to cut the tart....when we lived in florida ate them all the time...fun post today! thanks for linking up with oneshot!

  2. Great post, made me chuckle the "spurts" -- fun read.. I love the smell of grapefruit candles...bkm

  3. lol! The photo was perfect for your poem!

    Grapefruit (especially red ones) are fabulous when they behave! :)

  4. Ha - how sweet. Love the reminder of the unexpected squirt in the eye.

    Love your musings and so glad you came to our little community at One Shot Wednesday.

  5. An Ode to a Grapefruit
    now that is new
    The ones with red or
    yellow inter fruit
    Now that is new
    An Ode to a Grapefruit

  6. That was great fun :-)
    Enjoyed it.

  7. my favourite fruit..the bitter the better...grapefruit juice for breakfast kicks your senses alive!!!! thanks for sharing this with OneShot..cheers Pete

  8. Very nice ode, Dana! I love greatfruit, I mean grapefruit. They are such a beacon in winter. Thanks for linking my ode too. :)

  9. I, too, am a grapefruit lover. Pink or red. I can eat a whole one straight up for breakfast most days. Gloriously refreshing. :)

  10. Great work! Love the pucker face. You never cease to make me laugh!

  11. i do not make that face when i eat grapefruit -- i love it! i squeeze one every morning...yum. :)

  12. "I sing Your Virtues – clear to Me
    In Moments of Senility." those lines cracked me up. A healthy tribute!

  13. Your right, that face reminds me of Grapefruit.... and I love that hat.

  14. Dear The Bug,
    It must be a secret message. I bought grapefruit yesterday, first time in a long time!
    Ann T.

  15. Haha!! Great little piece and I'm still giggling at your winter/grapefruit face!!

  16. This was so refreshing - in more than just one sense..

  17. what a joy to read!

  18. A fascinating read!!!
    And the picture... what a perfect combo that was! :)
    I almost winced with that juice squirting into my eye... yeow!!

    But really, such a well written tribute!!! :)

  19. I love grapefruit, and your poem as well. They're both tart, with just the right amount of sweetness.

  20. Love it , such fun and the tone and cadence to your words was delightful. Love the picture, looks more like eating lemons,,,,nice lyrical read.


    came by one stop poetry

  21. A funny and apt ode . . . can anyone, no matter how elegant and careful, avoid the grapefruit's viscious squirt?

  22. giggle giggle
    That's the face I make too! :)
    Love me some grapefruit and your Ode doth bring to mind a great longing for that rosy orb...
    Alas and it is but winter here, so I shall have to get my fix in the form of pomelo rosado sorbet at the nearby ice cream place.

  23. Love the poem...! And I think the grapefruit face looks rather cute. :-)

  24. Lovely, funny-- a great spoof on the stogy ode.


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