Thursday, July 22, 2010

Making a Spectacle of Myself

I forgot my audio book this morning, so on my way to work I found myself talking to other drivers again. I told the 18-Wheeler behind me that it was my “bounden duty” to slow him down. We were both going 5 miles over the speed limit at the time. My friends and family will be amused by this story because I have a lead foot, but we were on a two-lane road – he did not need to be going faster than 60 MPH! As far as my gas pedal is concerned my foot IS made of lead. Snow, fog, rain – these do not slow me down (unless I’m behind some craven creature who wants to be “safe”). I’m not crazy – I do take the road condition and speed limit into consideration. Somewhat. Really.

Anyway, this post isn’t about my driving (in)abilities. I just decided to pop on here right quick & show off my new readers. I’m no Velma, but I think they’re kind of cute.

Please note – I took this picture myself last night & apparently I have short arms. So, yes, I realize my nostrils are the size of moon craters. And I realize that I took the picture at the end of the day when any semblance of makeup had long since disappeared. One eye does have the remnants of some green liner. And boy do I need to get cozy with a pair of tweezers! But, obviously I don’t care since I’m sharing the picture anyway. Look at the glasses people – not the face!

P.S. I didn't get a haircut - it's just pulled back. Does that answer all your questions?


  1. Jinkies! LOL!

    (Wait 'til you get bi-focals - or, worse yet, TRI-focals!)

    DEFINITION: What the waiter in an Italian restaurant asks you.

  2. Eric LOL at the word ver - very funny.

    Yes, I'm sure bifocals are in my future.

  3. I'm into trifocals now, but I've had glasses since 2nd grade.

    Like my word verifcation bit? It's my latest thing, including them (with my daffy definitions) in any post that asks for word verification.

    Speaking of which...

    DEFINITION: Moss that's lost its amateur status.

  4. smiles. good job not caring and posting it anyway...i think you have little to be ashamed of. smiles. nice specs!

    um...yeah i talk to other drivers too...kinda glad they dont always hear me...

  5. I like them...!

    You have lovely eyes. You don't need makeup. :-)

  6. I have multiple pairs of reading glasses, and I try to get them in different styles, just to coax out some sort of different persona. I need to get a few more, however, since the dog has destroyed my most versatile pairs.

    My word verification: flathea
    definition: a flea fart

  7. So can you see clearly now? (you certainly look better than I do at the end of a long day)

  8. Very cute bug! And I like your reader's idea about the word ver definitions!

    quenogr- queen of the ogres

  9. I talk to almost every driver on the highway. Never gesture, just talk. "Stupid jackass" is my most common phrase, along with "get off the freaking phone and watch where you're going."

  10. I like 'em. And you will too once you get over having to have them.

  11. You are so funny. They look adorable on you. I apologize for not visiting lately. I have been watching 2 grand babies for 9 hours a day every day and I have very little time. I have to go to bed after they leave sometimes. Ha...

  12. Dear The Bug,
    Who the heck is Velma? I think they look like a good choice.

    Anyway, my makeup is always on my chest by the end of the day. Slides right down in one piece. It's kind of like a visitation.

    You have beautiful hair.

    Word ver: calashn. Def. What happens in Mississipi when somebody cuts in line.

  13. Jinkies, indeed! Urban Dictionary definition of "Velma": 1. A very nerdy person on the outside, but to be crazy cool and great in bed. 2. the act of being a nerdy person, yet cool and great in bed. 3. Someone who is attracted to a nerdy person in the hopes that they will be crazy cool and great in bed. 4. The act of seeking out nerdy people of the opposite sex in hopes that they are cool and great in bed. LOL! Is it bedtime?

    Word ver: yewbost
    Def: the act of confronting one who has ordered you around. Okay, that was lame...

  14. Verey becoming, very bookish in the nicest possible way. I'm already having to use varifocals but I do recommend to anyone who needs for near and distance correction.

  15. where did you get the specs and are they close/distance ones?

    I think there's a good argument that if you need to wear glasses for certain things then it should be on your drivers licence and if you're stopped without them/contacts then there's a fine

  16. Very cute frames!!!! I love all things glasses - they're so stylish!

    But all your add ins were cracking me up .... I'm just envisions such short arms now too! :)

  17. Your glasses look a lot like my glasses, except my are thicker...

    I'm very anti touching my eyeball with my figure so I'm like the last person on earth who still wears glasses all everyday to avoid running into walls...

  18. Enjoy your new spectacles! They're very stylish, so no chance of making yourself a spectacle with them. Your close-up , by the way, is very cute.

  19. ROTF with "Jinkies"!!!

    Your nose is NOT a crater. MY nose is a crater, so there.

    And I love them, the details on the sides are so pretty it's almost like you're wearing jewelry and not something you have to wear because your eyes, older.

  20. Love the glasses, and the honesty! :)

  21. I love this post, Bug. Great photograph too, your glasses look wonderful :D


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