Monday, July 19, 2010



  1. A vague feeling of bodily discomfort, as at the beginning of an illness.
  2. A general sense of depression or unease.
Yep, that's it. I know I'm a hypochondriac, but I'm pretty sure that malaise describes my condition perfectly. I can think of several causes for this current bout of the blahs – some of which meet both definitions.
  1. I've lost my house key again. Shh – don't tell Dr. M. I thought I had fixed the problem with my key ring structure, but apparently not. Sigh. Hopefully it's at work like it was the last time I lost it. UPDATE: My key WAS at the office - someone found it in the parking lot. I've attached it to the car key so that shouldn't happen again.
  2. I did not do well on my PYMWYMI challenge (pimwimmy!) today. I know – it's just one day, get back on the horse, or the wagon, or with the program, yada yada yada. I think my problem is that I'm missing the point of Amy's challenge – I am supposed to be grateful that I can do these healthy things and help other people. I'm missing the gratefulness portion of the program.
  3. I ordered my first pair of reading glasses on Friday. I discussed that to death here. But I'm actually kind of excited because when I was a kid I would pick out what I thought were cute glasses (it was the 70s people – I worked with what I had) but then they put the coke bottles in & the cuteness disappeared. These lenses shouldn't be as thick should they? I'm hoping… I will certainly post a picture of me reading something in my new glasses.
  4. My Magpie poem from Sunday apparently had depths that were too murky for most folks. I was writing about the American Indian addiction to alcohol, as well as my addiction to chocolate. I do tend to expect people to jump into my brain when they read my poems. Yeah, that sounds scary to me too!
  5. And last, but not least, I have to go to the dentist tomorrow. I gots a cavity. Yes, I revert to 4 years old when I have to get a filling. I'm not sure I've ever not had a traumatic experience getting a cavity filled – and I have LOTS of metal in my mouth so I have lots of experience with the trauma. I floss. I brush. What is the deal here? Anyway, that sick feeling in the pit of my stomach is me trying not to hyperventilate. I don't have such a phobia that I don't go to my twice yearly exams, but it's a near thing. I'm doing this for YOU Daddy – hope you appreciate it! Heh. Well, & there's that small matter of it hurting when I eat. Hey – maybe this is the answer to Pymwymi! UPDATE: I'm back from the dentist. He had to give me THREE shots before I was sufficiently numb (finding out you're not numb when he starts drilling is NO FUN). But it's done now.
I'm pretty sure that all will be well in about 24 hours. But if you guys could send soothing vibes at around 12:30 tomorrow I would appreciate it.

I'm pretty sure I'm 3, not 4, in this picture, but I think it's exactly how I feel about having a cavity. Heh.


  1. Dana I confess that I thought your poem was on the dark side, but I missed the Indian connection.

    I'll be thinking of you tomorrow. Good luck with the dentist.

  2. Maybe it's in the Ohio water? I'm feelin' it, too. (I have a pair of readers in every room of the house, in the car, and in both my handbags. And usually there's a pair on my head, that I've forgotten about!)

  3. At least it is not all doom and gloom. You have a wonderful feeling of achievement to look forward to when, by next week, your toothie is fixed, you look super sexy in your new reading glasses, you wrote a wonderful poem that everybody is complimenting (not me for I am a total klutx when it comes to poetry)and you have found your house keys. Just hang in there girl... you have a wonderful future waiting ((wink, hug and smile)).

  4. What a face! I know just how she felt/feels.

    I'm so dependent on my drug store readers I'm thinking about getting real glasses. Probably won't though.

  5. Hey I'm sending all the soothing vibes I can - I'm sure it'll all be well.
    The glasses will be fine technology for lenses has come on a pace since the 1970s (I wear glasses myself bi-focals now)

    Yes I too thought your poem was dark - but I really did enjoy it - I wonder what that says about me!

    Good luck I am sure it all be fine post 12:20

  6. Gas is your friend! I used to hate going to the dentist, but it's not so bad any more. I had to have a cavity redone and they used gas. Ah, not exactly bliss, but worth the trip, so to speak.

  7. Dear The Bug,
    I've had glasses forever, but the bifocal thing I cannot seem to wrap my head around. So it's exactly the same.

    Same with the lost house keys! And dieting is a process . . . ugh.

    And, augh, exactly the same about dentist!

    I so feel for you. On the good side, look at how brave and practical you are being about everything. You're juggling some new things, which means that other things drop (like the keys) and soon you will have it all together.

    Thinking of you at 12:30,
    Ann T.

  8. oh defeintiely soothing vibes...mea and the dentist dont get and you are writing about chocolate right before the dentist...not a good omen..smiles.

  9. I'm updating the post - but in case anyone is getting follow-up comments - here's an update for you:

    1. My key WAS at the office - someone found it in the parking lot. I've attached it to the car key so that shouldn't happen again.

    5. I'm back from the dentist. He had to give me THREE shots before I was sufficiently numb (finding out you're not numb when he starts drilling is NO FUN). But it's done now.

  10. Can I send soothing vibes backwards through time? They're on their way! The dentist we had as a kid (I think his name was Mengele or maybe just Smith) used to give fillings with NO anaesthetic - he said kids were more afraid of the needle than the drill. WRONG!!! That bit in Marathon Man resonates very strongly with me. Hoep you new bins turn our for you (bins=glasses in britslang).

  11. After all the big energy of recent weeks, we're now in a slower period (astrologically at least). It FEELS like malaise but really it's just that we aren't being jacked up like crazy.

    Smoothe landing, my dear.

  12. I can not tell you how fearful I am of the dentist. They can't get my back molars numb. Just reading our you going set me on edge. Glad it's over for you.

    Glad your keys were found. H lost his credit card a few months ago. Same thing. They found it on the ground. He lost it on the way to his car.


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