Saturday, July 31, 2010

Project 365 – Week Thirty-One

Sunday, July 25th
On Sunday Dr. M & I went on the ramble that inspired this poem. As I mentioned in that post I'll write (or coerce Dr. M to write) about the events that took place in Mechanicsburg before the Civil War. For now I'll just share a couple of more pictures from that day. This is a store downtown. I found the name quite hilarious for some reason, so I had to share.

Dr. M & I were trying to figure out what need a lazy man had of a place to rest – seems redundant, doesn't it?

Monday, July 26th
On Monday some people came & dug a hole in our yard. I think it had something to do with our gas valve & those OK "signs" from last week.

Tuesday, July 27th
On Tuesday Dr. M captured this beautiful butterfly.

And then we actually had a cardinal sighting!

Wednesday, July 28th
On Wednesday I got a picture of this bathing beauty – Martha Goose in her summer bikini.

And then Dr. M went out in the evening & saw this little frog – you probably can't tell from the picture but it's just a baby – too cute!

Thursday, July 29th
On Thursday I got a picture of the Topsy Turvy tomato plant in all its glory – it's out of control! And the tomatoes it produces have been great.

I don't know why I'm so fascinated by the life cycle of the daisy. This is one toward the end of the cycle. I find a strange beauty in it for some reason.

Friday, July 30th

On Friday we drove down to NC. We took a number of pictures on the way down & then a ton at Daddy's house. I had a hard time deciding which ones to use! Here is a picture of my dad - yet another Watering Man.

And here is one of their night blooming flowers - I think it looks pretty interesting all drawn up like this.

Saturday, July 31st

Today we went to visit Dr. M's mom in the nursing home. It's his parents' anniversary - we think they're 57th. We had a nice visit.

And here is another flower shot from Daddy & Amy's yard - the clemetis climbing on his carport.

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  1. In case you are interested, the butterfly is a red admiral. The white flower, if it opens horizonta is an evening nightshade (also called jimson weed and datura, it is hallucinogenic but also very poisonous). The pink flower is a mandevilla, not clematis.

  2. These were great. I loved the butterfly and the clemetis and your dad watering. I love how you give us a slice of your days. i don't know about that hole, though. ha!

  3. Love the butterfly and pics of parents!

  4. So does the night blooming flower spread out? I think it's pretty cool in that spiral configuration.

    Mrs. Goose looks fab in her summer swimwear :)

    Enjoy your time with family!!!

  5. Loving the week in pictures. I'm jealous of the butterfly and the cardinal!

  6. 鞋匠能作好鞋子,因為他只做鞋,不做別的。..................................................

  7. I thin the night blooming flower was really interesting, so symetrical when curled up like that.

  8. Dear The Bug,
    I'm glad Ellen wrote in about the mandevilla, they used to bloom all over Louisiana! Gorgeous pic!

    I like all the ones others have mentioned.

    But like you I am fascinated with the life cycle. I never get good daisy shots, so this is very cool. I think the petals curling under makes you focus on the center a little more. And that's no bad thing!

    Have a great week,
    Ann T.

  9. I always think that the most interesting pictures are those with People.
    So I mostly like the picture of your Dad watering the plants and that of your In-Laws.

  10. Oh my your flower pictures are beautiful as always!! Daisies are my favorite and are my flowers for the wedding. Love Martha Gooses bikini, I wished I looked that good in one...ha! Glad you had a nice trip with the family and I hope this week is great for you too.

  11. I really don't know many people who are on the go as much as you! Your butterfly is gorgeous.
    I love that Martha is in her bikini. It's like she knew I was going to photo a friend for her here! :)
    Have a super week!


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