Saturday, July 10, 2010

Project 365 – Week Twenty-Eight

Sunday, July 4th
On Sunday we explored the Marblehead area. One of the things we like to do up there is visit Johnson's Island. It served as a Confederate prisoner of war camp during the Civil War. There is a graveyard there for the men who died in the camp.

 Dr. M took a picture of the new marker listing the names of the dead, by state. You can see the two of us reflected in this picture.

 My grandmother's maiden name was Hilton – I wonder if this soldier is an ancestor of mine?

That evening we staked out our places on the dock at our hotel so we'd be in good position to watch the Cedar Point fireworks. I used some of the bird pictures we took that evening on my post the other day – Erie Images. Here are pics of some of the fireworks. We weren't very close – which suited me just fine – I don't like loud noises!

Monday, July 5th
We drove home on Monday. I took lots of pictures of the fields we passed – tomatoes, corn, soybeans, wheat. Most of them are pretty blurry, including this one. But I kind of like it anyway – so you have to look at it too.

Tuesday, July 6th
On Tuesday Dr. M took a picture of one of our cucumber blossoms. I will be doing a whole separate post sometime about how this cucumber plant has plans for world domination – it is OUT OF CONTROL. I haven't seen Despicable Me, but from what I've heard I think the cucumber might have minions any time now.

Wednesday, July 7th
On Wednesday Dr. M took a picture of one of the really lovely yards he passes on his way home from school. It's in the town of Yellow Springs. It's a fascinating little town – a kind of hippie mecca. And a place to find beautiful flowers.

He also captured this picture of a red-tailed hawk.

Thursday, July 8th
On Thursday Dr. M took some updated pictures of our garden. We're going to have a lot of banana peppers & tomatoes!

Friday, July 9th
Speaking of tomatoes – I took a picture of our first ripe grape tomato from the Topsy Turvy plant. For perspective, I posed it next to a regular tomato we bought on our way home from the lake on Monday.

Saturday, July 10th
Today we went to the Clifton Gorge for a mini hike. Although the temps are much lower today than they have been, it was still quite steamy. Or maybe it was just me with my makeup melting… Well we know for sure that Dr. M's makeup wasn't melting. Heh.

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  1. Dear The Bug,
    Could you ask Dr. M how he keeps his makeup from melting? This would be a public service to the rest of us.

    Seriously, great pictures! It sounds like you need a recipe for salsa, a recipe for gazpacho, and some new tricks for banana peppers.

    It's always so much fun to see things that are usual and unusual going on where you are! Thanks for another look!

    Ann T.

  2. Your tomato plants have really grown! Two weeks of rain and an infestation of stink bugs and all our remaining tomatos have gone to rot. The peppers are looking good though. We have had banana peppers out the wazoo with only four plants.

  3. Don and I just went to dinner in a nearby town that has a beautiful cemetery with a Civil War memorial last evening. If the mosquitoes hadn't tried to eat us, we would have gotten further and studied the old grave stones. I am especially fascinated by the rows of tiny ones of kids who died of pneumonia, or of poor families who couldn't afford more elaborate markers.

  4. i wish i had planted tomatoes! after seeing sara making spaghetti sauce, i regretted not planting any. i love your pics of your trip! i hope to get up that direction one day, until then i will just enjoy the photos of fellow bloggers. :)

  5. The reflection picture is cool. Looks like you had a great time!

    My, how your garden grows. Seems like you are getting tomatoes early? Early for us anyway.

    Love how your pictures show that you "stop and smell the roses". :)

  6. So funny how Lisa just said your tomatoes are early.....perspective! Ours have been coming since june!!

    those cucumber plants like to send those tendrils out and lock on to everything!!!

    your trip looks so great. And those fireworks were beautiful!! I like to see them from a distance too.

  7. Your garden looks great! I think everything I have been questioning growing at my house must be cucumber, after hearing how it is taking over the world! :)
    I like fireworks from a distance too!
    Do you and Dr. M normally do this much every summer? Seems like you are always on the go. Love it!!
    Have a super week!!

  8. Love love love your garden.

    Mine just isn't doing very well this year.

    Mine looks to be about the same size as your only maybe slightly smaller.

    Great week!

  9. I always love your photos no matter what the subject matter.

    I am so jealous of your garden. Ours is non-existent :(

    You are enjoying summer!

  10. So envious of FRESH TOMATOES! :)

    Dr. M takes very excellent photos. But I like your drive-by-fuzzy photos too. It makes me feel like I was in the car with you. I like going places so it was a good feeling.

    The other day when we went for a walk, we came across a garden with blooming irises!!! In July!!! Which is equivalent to January in the U.S. How crazy is that?! I'll be sharing that photo this coming Sunday.

    Have a wonderful week!

  11. You've got some interesting places for our viewing this week! Beautiful graveyard. Yellow Springs sounds right up my alley. And the gorge is stunning. Love the water pic at the end.


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