Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Erie Images

Caution – lots of photos in this post! All of the images are from our trip to Lake Erie this past weekend.


 I don't do drugs.

But I could fly away

on a cloud of chocolate
or marshmallow

and caramel.
Or maybe a pepperoni pizza

with mushrooms
and banana peppers

I could fly away.


Or I could stay

tied to the earth,

rooted and tranquil –

sated with tomatoes

and sweet corn

or Gala apples

and Braeburns.

Or Clementines

I can be a bird
on the wing

with no clear

flight plan

Or I can take that
other, wooded and

furrowed path
that leads me
to you.


  1. Dear The Bug,
    Oh, oh, oh! How lovely indeed. And how loving. Thanks for a glimpse into the Erie landscape and the emotional landscape. The words and photos both convey so much--skill and content.

    Ann T.

  2. That was wonderful! Beautiful pics, sweet words. Excellent.

  3. Terrific post! I love the expressive words and all the images -- especially the frog and the red wing blackbird. I've never been to Lake Erie, though I've spent some time on Lake Huron.

  4. thanks for linking up with oneshot...god blend of visuals with your word...i think i would choose that wooded path...smiles. beautiful pics!

  5. Awwww.
    And beautiful.

  6. not only beautiful but pics of birds ..love birds...thanks for joining One shot and hope to see you next week..cheers pete

  7. Nice photos and nice words to match. (Gala apples rock!)

  8. Beautiful pictures! It looks so relaxing.

  9. How precious! All of it! And I love that you ended with a picture of Dr. M. Most excellent. Especially the references to chocolate, marshmallow and pepperoni pizza (I'll have mine without the additions of mushrooms and banana peppers). Grin!

  10. I needed that!! Having some Erie Withdrawal here!!

  11. Oh, Bug, those are beautiful...!!!! Enjoy. :-)

  12. for some reason I was reminded of Jonathan Livingston Seagull and how the pictures made me want to fly away - but you took it one step further into the quiet meadowland

    Beautiful looked like a nice trip

    thanks for stopping at One Shot Wednesday - it has been a fun day

  13. What fantastic pictures, you make me wish I could fly...and have some pizza because now I'm hungry.

    Plus, the end made me say, "Awwwwww!" so I forgive you for the hunger pains.

  14. Lovely pictures and so nicely stitched together with your words.

  15. Sigh...I just love your photos, and all the food, and the fact that you love Dr. M sooo much!!

  16. delightful
    It was fun matching the photos with your words
    and there was a lightness about them.... and a settling ...loved the frog too

  17. Loved the words and the photos!
    Just beautiful. Thanks.

  18. Bug...you are to sweet & clearly in love. Kudos!

  19. Lovely! I have no desire to fly (scared of heights), but you almost make me wish I could. All good things, but the wooded path is always the most interesting, isn't it?

  20. Loved the images AND the words were so tasty and evocative. Now I want to be "sated with tomatoes" and I've got none in the house!

  21. Oh, Bug, this is gorgeously done! Gentle and buccolic, and then such a wallop at the end of that furrowed path. Hooray for you!

  22. Dana, what a tremendously gorgeous post. The images really made me sore. Especially the hollyhock, lit as if from within, and the gull reflecting a soft setting sun. Wow. Just supreme.

  23. I love this glorious mix of words with pictures of a beautiful countryside. It has such a special ending.


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