Saturday, July 17, 2010

Project 365 – Week Twenty-Nine

Before we get to the pictures I'd like to say HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to Daddy & Amy! I think they're still at the beach, so I'm kind of feeling a little jealous right now, but I hope they're celebrating in style.

Sunday, July 11th
On Sunday I went over to our neighbor's yard before church so I could catch the cypress vine with its blossoms open (they close up around midday & don't open again until the next morning). K has trained it up around one of his hummingbird feeders. It's like a Christmas tree in July!

Monday, July 12th
On Monday Dr. M took a picture of a cloud formation that intrigued him. I love the cornfield against the sky with the clouds.

Tuesday, July 13th
On Tuesday Dr. M was roaming around the neighbor's yard again (they had been gone & he had been watering their plants). He took some pictures of their flowers.

And he caught a couple of hummingbirds at one of their feeders. They had a fight (which of course he couldn't catch because they are too fast). Then the green one came back to claim the feeder again. I think they have at least three different feeders, but they seem to like this particular one - & apparently hummingbirds don't understand "share" LOL

Wednesday, July 14th
On Wednesday Dr. M saw another deer. I love how it looks like the deer & the squirrel are talking to each other. "Are you lookin' at me?"

And then he stopped to get a picture of this corner in our town – it makes me smile every time I drive past it.

Thursday, July 15th
On Thursday Dr. M took saw this plane in the sky. I like the picture because isn't the sky just gorgeous? Dr. M of course liked the plane – a Civil Air Patrol plane.

When I got home from work I went over to the neighbor's house & took a picture of some of their hen & chickens – I think these plants are so fascinating!

Friday, July 16th
Dr. M got a picture of a grasshopper on one of our squash leaves. We're a little concerned about the mold on the squash & cucumber plants – the watering man is trying to leave them alone to dry out.

Here is what our regular tomatoes look like right now.

Saturday, July 17th
Today Dr. M wandered around just taking random pictures from our yard. There's one of the grape tomatoes (some of them are looking pinkish), the regular tomato plants, a customer at the bird bath, a volunteer flower in our front bed (possibly from the wildflower seed packet – just a late bloomer?), another squash leaf visitor, and another cypress vine flower.

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  1. Dr. M is a very good photographer. His captures of flowers, plants, birds, animals, skies - is fabulous.
    What I like most among the lovely photos is the solitary airplane.

  2. caught some wicked cool nature shots...that does look like a christmas tree...and love to watch the hummingbirds....hope you are having a marvelous weekend...and happy anniversary to daddy and amy!

  3. Wonderful pictures. Your tomatoes look great. Ours fall into the pathetic category, but mostly that's because a mole ate the roots of two of the plants, not to mention our squash and cukes. Bad mole.

    Your cornfield picture reminds me of a day that I spent driving through Indiana and Illinois. I was returning to St. Louis from Grand Rapids after my aunt's funeral, and it had to be the most glorious summer day ever. Clear as clear can be. No haze, humidity, and that clarity and crispness that illuminates everything upon which the eye falls. The cornfields stand out in my memory (probably because that's all there was at that time of year!) But the imprint is there in my mind. It's a bittersweet memory, but I thank you for evoking it all the same!

  4. You have such gorgeous things in your garden and around the town! Thanks for sharing them wih us.

  5. Great week of favs are the cornfield & sunflowers! Your garden looks great as well! Hope you have a great week!

  6. I feel like I just took a beautiful walk through a nature preserve! I love the cornfield shot and the sunflowers are a favorite. The sky in the plane picture is amazing. I would love that sky with the sunflowers! (See what you can do, ok?) :)
    That cypress vine does look like a Christmas tree. How very clever!
    Have a super week!!

  7. love that first plant! it does look like a christmas tree!

    snap dragons always make me smile. did you make them "talk" when you were a kid?

    great photos!!

  8. Great photos of the plants around you! I liked the cloud pic the best, I've been known to photograph clouds too :)

  9. You could sell your photos, make cards, win contests...always spectacular. My favorite--the deer and the squirrel.

  10. love ALL your shots...
    is one of those flowers kalanchoe?
    great yard shots :)

  11. @Duta: Thank you! I mostly go by instinct, and I am blessed with a good eye...and a great camera.

    @Tori: I'm on it!

    @RaD: Clouds rock!

    @Rita: Thanks! I loved the deer/squirrel photo, too.

    @skoots1mom: We have a kalanchoe in the house, but I think the image of which you are thinking is the star-shaped bloom of a cypress vine. The neighbor has lots of them, and he shared with us. They're also called hummingbird vines, as the little hummers love them.

    @alter ego: Thank you so much for sharing your story, bittersweet though it may be...The Bug and I know something of bittersweet, indeed we do, and so we are touched that you shared this with us.

    To all of you: Thanks so much for your kind words and encouragement...I have always loved photography, and The Bug and I take great pleasure in giving you snapshots of our world.

  12. Did you mean the orange flower? The blooms do look like a kalanchoe, but it's not (the leaves are different). I should ask the neighbor!

  13. I always love to see photos of everyday things. Such wonder colors.

  14. So many gorgeous outdoor photos! I could almost reach out and pick that tomato :)

  15. what great photos of nature! i felt like it was summer at its best when i looked at those!

  16. I always thoroughly enjoy your posts. The photos make me so happy. God's beautiful creation...

    Beautiful cypress vine.

    The deer and squirrel...LOL!!

    I have never in my life heard of "hen & chickens." Never.


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