Weekly Wordzzle - The Meh Edition

I almost didn't participate in the Wordzzle this week – I was VERY unhappy with my effort for the 10-word challenge. But since I suffered writing it I decided to make you suffer too. Heh. Besides it's poking fun at a good friend (it's not a true story, but it could happen. Really!).

Words for the mini challenge: plastic, forgotten, make-shift, happy days, infant

Oh those not
forgotten days
Happy days of
Infant enthusiasm
Wide open world
Wide open wide open
And now, I am in a
Plastic frame of mind
Fluid and make-shift
Wondering when that
Wide open world
Closed its doors
Closed those
wide open

Words for the 10-word challenge are: super duper, think first and act later, jump rope, soap opera, delivery, barbeque, jewelry, on sale, justification, figure of speech

The Bug was singing along to the oldies station, "Super duper, lights are gonna find me…" Or was it super trouper? She had never really been sure. Half remembered arguments about song lyrics danced in her head. She had long since decided that it didn't matter – did "revved up like a deuce" make any more sense than "wrapped up like a douche?" What the heck was The Boss talking about anyway? Humph.

She was still contemplating the mysteries of the Heard Word when the doorbell rang, causing her to jump up in startled surprise. She wasn't expecting a delivery – the jewelry she had ordered (on sale!) off of Home Shopping Network wouldn't be here until next week.

Realizing it was just her best friend Kim, she opened the door saying "You scared me nearly to death!" She said "I must have! You look terrible!"

"Well, gee thanks," said the Bug ruefully, "it was just a figure of speech for heaven's sake!"

Pleasantries over, they started talking about this and that. Kim mentioned a new workout she had heard about at their local Y – Jump Rope to the Music of Mozart. It sounded a lot more interesting than watching a soap opera from the treadmill. Then they discussed the new barbeque restaurant in town & wondered if the proprietor would frown if they brought their own sauce in. There just was no justification for not having Carolina barbeque sauce as one of the choices!

Then, finally, Kim started talking about why she had come over. "I saw a show about how we should all act first and think later and I just had to run right over to see what you thought about it!"

The Bug just started laughing. "Kim, I saw that show too – it was saying that you should think first and act later! I guess you don't have that concept down just yet, do you?"

Kim started howling with laughter. She chortled, "Wait till I tell Nathan about my latest blonde moment!"

Please go to Raven's blog to read the other Wordzzle participants. And join in – it can be addictive!


  1. Well, I don't know what you don't like about your 10-word. I thought it was funny! And entertaining and clever. Good poem, too!

  2. That's a cracking good poem for the mini. Loved the repetition in it and "plastic frame of mind".

    I don't know why you would be unhappy with your 10-worder, it's a great little story and flows really well in my humble. The words melted right into it too. No suffering here!

  3. I must echo both Raven's and Argent's sentiments.
    But then what one writes and how one feels about the words can vary wildly from the reader. I thnk it is the uber critic in all writers that perhaps makes us shun certain works!
    The poem is wonderful it is so "clean" and simple.
    "Plastic frame of mind
    Fluid and make-shift
    Wondering when that
    Wide open world
    Closed its doors
    Closed those
    wide open
    These lines feel so profound it's like seeing a glimmer a long a corridor as the interspaced door close narrowing one's perspective and view.

  4. Dear The Bug:
    I particularly like the poem and the way you "shaped it". Just lovely!

    At first I wondered if you wanted to center it and then I realized it was further part of your genius. The circular look of it describes the trajectory of a door.

    Whoa. I am impressed.

    The Bug Knows Best,
    Ann T.

  5. OK -so listen to Souper Douper again and tell me: first line

    Is she singing:

    "I was sick and tired of staying in, when i saw you come back from Tesco"??

    That's what it sounds like to me anyway! (It's actually Glasgow, but there you go) - fun story!

  6. I LOVED your poem! I can just imagine a precocious child sitting in a playpen, spouting those lines! :)

    Great little story too...you're always so good at using a random bunch of words and creating a cohesive storyline. I always chuckle along at the antics of your characters!


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