Thankful Thursday

For November I’m just going to copy & paste my daily Facebook thanks-status. So if you’re my Facebook friend feel free to ignore Thursdays!

November 1: I may or may not remember to do this every day, but I'll start out anyway: Today I'm thankful for my husband, who is shamelessly passionate about any number of things - life is never dull around here!

November 2: Today I'm thankful for a job that I enjoy, and the fact that my commute is long enough that I get to listen to a LOT of books!

November 3: Today I'm thankful for my electric blanket - and Dr. M is also thankful for it since I don't jab him with cold feet. When we were first married & I would snuggle up to him with blocks of ice on my feet, he was startled, but gallant about it. I think after almost 22 years of marriage he wouldn't be quite so polite if he felt those chilly toeses!

November 4: Brace yourself - this is going to be a long one: Today I'm thankful that our anthem (a blending of the Hallelujah Chorus & When the Saints go Marching In) went well & that I didn't start giggling until after we were done - so much fun! I'm also thankful that since it was All Saints Sunday I got to sing the hymn about queens in the church, which reminds me of my Episcopal spiritual home, Church of Our Saviour in Cincinnati, and the safe haven that it has always been for gays, lesbians & transgendered individuals. And lastly, I'm thankful that we put on such a good feast for the Bishop's visit.

November 5: Today I'm thankful for friends who are sending my niece postcards for her geography project. And if YOU'D like to send her one just let me know.

November 6: Today I'm thankful to be going to dinner with my friend Joanne so I can be distracted from the election for a few hours. I think that it's ok to have ice cream on election day, right? To calm my nerves? No?
This is from last spring - but the overwhelming Facebook response was YES to ice cream, so we had milkshakes - she had chocolate & I had banana pudding - yum!

November 7: Today I'm so thankful that the election is over, and yes, most of my people won. And I voted my conscience according to my religious beliefs.

P.S. In all the excitement Tuesday night I went to bed without washing my face, brushing my teeth OR FLOSSING! Gah!


  1. I am thankful that I can find a reason every single day to eat ice cream!

  2. Ice cream is one of the world's best things.

  3. I'm thankful you just reminded me to brush my teeth.

  4. You went to bed without brushing and flossing???

    That's almost like leaving the house without a camera!

  5. My goodness, that is some icecream, but then election night only comes once every few years :)

  6. Lots to be thankful for indeed. :c)


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