Saturday, February 5, 2011

2011 Project 365 – Week Six

Twenty-three pictures this week. We just couldn’t help ourselves. And I didn’t even include all the ones I wanted to! Of course, most of them were just more snow & ice pictures so you should be glad I left them out.

Note: No Tax Time Pig this week. Apparently he really likes his coat of many colors, so no new picture. FYI for new readers: The first time I took a picture of the pig he had an ice pack on his head & was holding a sign that said “Tax Time” – thus his name was born.

Sunday, January 30th      
I was pretty pleased with my solution to the dilemma of drying the tub I keep my cereal in. The dish drain was full so I improvised with my Pampered Chef baking stone holder.

Dr. M took a picture of the Kalanchoe plant that lives in our kitchen – we were so tickled to see the blooms.

Monday, January 31st  
Dr. M took these pictures on his way home from school. Looks kind of cold, doesn’t it?

Tuesday, February 1st
This is the State of the Bug picture for the week. I was showing off something wrong – hmmm, this picture doesn’t quite get it…

Well, this one doesn’t really show it either…

Here we go! Yes, my bangs looked like this all day. I kept forgetting about them because I’m not regularly looking at myself.

Dr. M captured some more icy pictures.

And here are those poor beleaguered indignant icy penguins.

Wednesday, February 2nd
Female cardinal at the feeder.

We got a little more snow later that day.

Thursday, February 3rd      
Thursday was beautiful. And still really cold, as you can tell from these pictures.

Does anyone know why the furniture was abandoned in the corn field? Some frigid tête-à-tête going on?

Love the buffalo!

Friday, February 4th
We very nearly forgot to take a picture today. So here’s one that I’d been planning to take on just such an occasion. The top of the bookshelf in our bedroom has become a seasonal repository – we’ve got Halloween & Christmas stuff up there. Plus some glassware we got from Dr. M’s mom years ago. And one of Dr. M’s paintings (my personal favorite). It makes us smile when we look at it.

Saturday, February 5th
It wouldn’t be a Project 365 post without a squirrel, would it? Boy the squirrels really love the sunflower seeds that the birds knock out of the feeder.

Yes, it’s snowing again. Sigh.

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  1. I hate a bad bangs day... hate 'em so much, I grew my bangs out! :)

    I had to laugh at the Halloween/Christmas stuff together. There can be a new decoration of YEAR ROUND HOLIDAYS :) How fun!!!

    it seems everyone just keeps having picture after picture of snow & ice... cant wait for pictures of new blooms of flowers & trees! :)

  2. By the end of this month, all of us will be quite ready for some early signs of spring. My daffodil bulbs are already coming up, so that's a good sign!

  3. I've had so much static electricity in my hair it is driving me nuts. And my winter hat just adds more.

  4. I love the assortment of books in your bookshelf photo! My kind of people! Everything from Dune to Augustine and Calvin! CooL!

    ANd LOVE the female cardinal!

  5. Some of those photos appear a bit sheepish. I can't believe those poor things are all lambing right now. I've got to think it's too cold to be birthing babes outdoors right now.

    Your blooming plant made me smile.

  6. Snow, Snow, Snow....and we can't get a lick:) Oh well~maybe one day! Love all the pics and that fact that Dr. M. helps with with P365~so sweet! Have a great week.

  7. I so love your pictures of the birds!!!

    the furniture is so funny!!! did you go sit in them?!! that would have been a great picture!

  8. I love your pics this week! The ones with the kind of waterfall of ice and the snowy field are ones that "work" for me with something I'm writing currently - I may keep coming back to them for some inspiration.

    Also loved the furniture. Maybe it's the winter version of parking your car on the lawn like they do there in the South?

    When my bangs do that, the Spousal Unit says my hair is having a "fluffy" day. :P

    And, yes. Oh, Firefly. How I mis thee...

  9. I've given up on bangs. Your's don't look bad, though.

    If spring doesn't come early I think I will protest!

    Hugs & love,

  10. I am so ready for spring and I live in Alabama! It has been nothing but cold, icy, rainy, and snowy...and I am tired of it. I look forward to your bird pictures each week...and love the icy ones...but....the squirrel was the very best!

  11. such beatiful were busy!

  12. I love the icy pics!

    Someone left the furniture there because they were planning on building a house to go with it? :)

    I almost had a picture of a squirrel too but he ran away just as I was sneaking up with the camera.

  13. I am so tired to winter too... guess that is why we appreciate spring to much?!?!? Loved your furniture picture in the field... who would leave it there... makes me wonder. Have a great week!

  14. My hair was ALL over this week...Friday I gave up and put it in a messy bun for jeans day. Love all of the ice/snow very pretty! the furniture in the middle of the field is QUITE funny...seriously! and love your versitility with your pampered chef stone rack! have a great week

  15. Ah...something in bloom! A lovely site! The ice is so pretty...and such a pain. :)

  16. Snow snow everywhere...well everywhere except where I am...we just have crazy winds. Love the bookshelf AND of course those penguins, they look so happy all icy like that.

    Every picture really captures the cold.

  17. Brrrr! I had to laugh at your SotB picture though. I have been to work on more than one occasions with sticky-out hair.

  18. Stay warm my friend, put a hat on and that will fix those fly away bangs....don't ya love bad hair days...NOT!

    Great week, loved all the snow and birds, ice, buffaloes...


  19. Always love y'alls photos! So bring 'em on.
    You are so cute. You just can't be serious, right? Great hair color.
    Furniture in the snow--very funny! Belongs in one of those e-mails that populate the internet,of crazy situations and such.
    I have a piece of glassware, a platter, with that same pattern. It's from Mike's aunt. Is it special?

  20. No bangs here but I always have bad hair days so I didn't even notice what you were talking about :)
    Love that ice fall picture. Wow that was amazing.

  21. At least you and Dr. M make winter look pretty. I am really over it!
    I love the furniture in the field. The funny thing to me is that you found it! You find everything!! :)
    Your repository is very fun. I think everyone should have one.
    Have a super week!

  22. @Tori: that furniture was found just a bit off the beaten path, for sure! That road was a solid sheet of ice, btw. I was hoping that a curling match would break out, or at least hockey. I would have had a comfy seat, if a frozen one.


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