Friday, February 4, 2011

Weekly Wordzzle

Look, I'm doing this early for a change! After you've read my offerings you should go to Raven's site to see what other folks wrote this week.

Words for the mini: caustic, cloudy skies, ballet, cell phone, covert

Bella could actually feel cloudy skies overtaking her good mood. A caustic remark on the tip of her tongue, she glared at the young man talking loudly on his cell phone. Young people today were so rude. And he wasn’t the only one – casting covert glances around the bus Bella saw that almost everyone was on a device of some sort. Listening to God Knows What with those little ear phones. Typing frantically with their thumbs. Reading those books that aren’t books on those rectangular gadgets. Living in today’s world was a delicate dance between all that she knew & loved and what she needed to learn to survive. And she had never danced very well. Except for that brief moment when she was a young girl. Love was a ballet in her memory and she the prima ballerina. She wondered what had become of her young man – and that young girl, for that matter. Sigh.

Word for the 10-word challenge: sugar cookies, muscles, drama, chimes, heating vent, paprika, runes, envelope, candle holder, stubborn

She had worked very hard that day, and in the kitchen no less! Ordinarily recipes might as well be runes to her, so, flushed from her efforts (or the heating vent she’d forgotten to shut off) the Bug was very pleased to present Dr. M with the fruits of her labor that evening – a romantic Valentine’s Day meal. There was a candle in their one Poppies on Blue candle holder & she’d actually dug out their tablecloth. She’d made baked chicken, green beans, & mashed potatoes & gravy. The gravy was from an envelope, but it wasn’t too lumpy – unlike the mashed potatoes. Mashed potatoes are just stubborn in her opinion. For dessert there were from scratch sugar cookies with red sprinkles. She presented them to him with much drama.

After taking a bite, he said slowly, “These are…interesting.” “Just interesting?” the Bug asked, warning chimes going off in her head. “Yes, interesting,” he affirmed.

Cautiously, she took a bite. Hmm – interesting. “These aren’t red sprinkles, are they?” she asked. “No, they’re not,” he said. “it’s paprika, isn’t it?” she asked. Muscles quivering as he tried to hold in his laughter, Dr. M replied that he did believe that’s what was on the cookies. She inquired about whether they would taste better if she renamed them Sweet & Spicy Cookies and he determined that a new name would definitely help in marketing them – to other people.


  1. LOVE the cookies story. A chef friend of mine makes lemon pepper cookies. Yes, with black pepper. They are actually quite good!

  2. Don't you love the word "caustic?" And love as ballet is a great metaphor. Great job, as usual!

  3. Love the paprika on the cookies. Paprika isn't a strong flavor, is it, so they could be very interesting. Maybe you have invented something... Wonderful. I can relate to the mini even though I'm not out in the world any more. Great job.

  4. Paproka on the cookies might work! We have chili chocolate now, so who knows. What fun!


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