Friday, February 18, 2011

The Poetry Bus Gets Mean

120 Socks is driving this week & doing a fine job I must say. I hope I didn't leave the bus in too big of a mess. She gave us the choice of three prompts & I chose this one: I knew a woman who... You can read the other prompts here. But go here to check out all the riders this week.

Here's mine - yet another blast from my past. This one isn't quite so pleasant though.

I knew a woman who
wore bigotry like
a diamond ring that
she would hold out
to watch my reaction.

My eyes are
more of a window
to my soul
than most –
no secrets here
in these not
really baby browns.

That’s how I
know that
our skin was
the same color
and I wasn’t a
she hated me

Except for
that horror
in my not
really baby browns –

She loved that.


  1. Loved the line 'she wore bigotry like a diamond ring....'. People like that make your blood boil, they are relentless in their desire to upset. I'm sure your baby brown eyes are just wonderful!

  2. Excellent navigation of the Poetry Bus!

  3. Wow Bug, like this a lot - the diamond ring is an interesting choice, and you've got a killer ending too.

  4. Woah! You really blew me away with this. "She loved that."

    I hope bigots have a nice little hot-spot reserved for them "down under".

  5. Incredibly powerful. That third stanza really digs deep, racial hatred is basically a hatred of all humanity.

  6. I like the diamond too!
    Some people have to have somewhere to direct their anger-flash it around.
    Nice work!

  7. I try to stay away from women like that ~ men too. Your Ticket To Ride earned you a prime seat on the Poetry Bus!

  8. HelluvaBus, Bug!

    Reminds me a little of my own ticket - since my parents read my blog, I hope they do not correctly identify themselves in my poem. I knew those people, but (thank goodness!) they have changed.

  9. Yes, I love the diamond line too!Brilliant, but I also love the left jab to the chin at the end as well.

  10. Oh, I'm only going to echo TFE! Curses. Brilliant opening stanza and last line, and I enjoyed the journey between.

  11. Very well constructed poem. The first two lines are a quite inspired bit of imagery.

  12. That last line! Seriously I opened my not so baby blues wide and gasped! This is powerful - and wonderful!

  13. jewcatholicimmigrantgay

    What's not to love? :)


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