Thursday, February 24, 2011

Thankful Thursday

It’s that time again – let’s be thankful!
  • This is TMI, but I’m thankful that no one can see the bra/underwear combo I’ve got on today. Woohee – it’s the clash of the color families. At least they’re clean, & I’d like to say that I was extra careful driving in today (to save the paramedics), but in truth I just drove as I usually did.
  • I’m thankful that in my dream last night my mother seemed to be handling her incarceration in the federal pen rather well. My uncle Bill was there too. I don’t know what they did – but I suspect it has something to do with the Brookford Mafia (this is an inside joke) and I want to know where my share of the dirty money is!
  • I’m thankful that work has been busier than usual, but not overwhelmingly so. Contrary to popular opinion I like to be busy. So there.
  • I’m thankful that despite the fact that I was burning up this morning I did actually put at least a light raincoat on before leaving for work. I’ll probably appreciate it when I leave work this evening. It’s such a struggle for me to visualize being cold later when I’m hot now.
  • I’m thankful for Greg at Greg’s General Store for hosting the Thankful Thursday posts. He’s moving on from the blogging world (he wants to have a REAL life – imagine that!). We’ll miss him, but I understand the need to disconnect from this electronic age. Not that I plan to do it myself anytime soon :)
That’s it for today – what are YOU thankful for?

P.S. I would be open to hosting the Thankful Thursday meme if other folks want to participate. Just let me know!


  1. You always make me smile. Sounds like your dreams are worse than mine. I dreamed yesterday that I was riding one motorcycle with 4 people. I was on the back and was responsible for keeping the balance. Just thought I would make you laugh too....Thank you for your wonderful posts! :)

  2. You have an interesting family there.

    Love the photo!

  3. I am thankful for you and your blog! And that my yesterday`s headache is gone. I like "had" pains, is a German saying, only in German it sounds more reasonable (Gehabte Schmerzen hab ich gern), anyway, we have bright sunshine, for which I am thankful too, if only it weren`t so lousily cold.
    Don`t get me started on dreams - I wonder if there is ever any message in them?

  4. Angela - I wonder the same thing. My mother's "death day" is coming up - 6 years.

    Rudee - what's funny is that my uncle Bill is the most church-going man in the family! Why in the world I'd put him in the pen is beyond me!

    Neva - I'm glad I make you smile - it's my goal in life. Your motorcycle ride sounds like a lot of fun to me.

  5. I'm having a grumpy week, so genuine thankfulness is feeling out of reach this morning. But I'm always thankful for you.

  6. oh my goodness. thanks for the *giggle*.

  7. I'm sure the paramedics would have been thankful to see a colorful undie combo to make them smile :)

    Are you continuing with Thankful Thursday? I think I plan to. It is good for me!

  8. i have loved TT and would really like it if you continued with it! count me in -

    love your post - you have a real amazing way of writing and just a touch of humor!

  9. First, I'm willing to join in a linky thingy if you host it! I'm thankful that you know how to do that because I dont!

    Had to laugh at the underwear comment though, I doubt you need to worry because according to what my mom used to say: make sure they're clean and not torn incase of accident. So as long as they're clean and not torn, it doesnt matter the colour, you WONT get into an accident.

  10. I'm in if you take up TThursday -- will post mine later today. got to get the older teen out the door because I do NOT want to drive her!

  11. 1. Re: bra and underwear combo--is there animal print involved? Because, if there is, I want to be in charge of coming up with your Stripper Name.

    2. Re: Mom in the pen--can you possibly dream that my mother is her cellie? As a Recovering Catholic, I don't have enough control over my Residual Guilt to do it myself, but I would really get a lot of Vicarious Satisfaction if you would do that for me.


  12. Well Nance - there are orange giraffe's involved, but not an animal print, per se. Sorry!

    I'll be glad to dream about your mom in the pen with mine :)

  13. Oh for heaven's sake, why is there an apostrophe in there? And in a reply to NANCE, no less. My shame knows no bounds. Sigh.

  14. thank ful for you as well on that underwear mom drilled that into my head at an early age...ha. i am thankful the sun still shines even when its cold...brr...and that my boys will be with the grandparents this weekend!


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