Thursday, February 3, 2011

Thankful Thursday

It’s time to be thankful! Well, you know, actually I’m thankful most days (except for those really whiny ones). But this is the day I tell you about it. Aren’t you excited?
  • I’m thankful that we never lost power during the recent storm, and that we didn’t even get inconvenienced that much. Although Dr. M was prepared for practically any eventuality. This is why I keep him around :)
  • I’m thankful that my strategy of designating an audio book as an “exercise-only” book is really working. I look forward to hopping on my Gazelle each evening to see what Anita Blake is up to. I’m hoping to increase my workout times to make the book go faster – see, I’m motivated!
  • I’m thankful that I can already tell a tiny difference in my stamina after working out for about a week. I’ve been taking the stairs more at work & I’m breathing a lot easier at the top than I used to. Now, my hip hurting is another matter, but I know that exercise ultimately helps arthritis so I plan to not be discouraged by any extra pain.
  • I’m thankful that Dr. M & I have discovered a way to save a good bit of money each year on our cell phone plans. I’m not getting a smart phone, but I like my little flip phone just fine.
  • I’m thankful for stock options to help cover unexpected expenses (ooh – didn’t that sound all Captain of Industry! Trust me, this is small potatoes.)
  • I’m thankful for a new spirituality which Dr. M introduced to our household (more on this later).
Okay! That’s enough thankfulness from me today. What are you thankful for? Or, for what are you thankful. Whichever.

Please go check out Greg's blog to see other thanksgivings. (Although he's crazy today talking about it's almost spring when it was 11 degrees when I left my house this morning. Heh. Oops - that didn't sound very thankful!)


  1. nice on saving money...and on the sudio books...i do them when i am driving at times...perhaps the exercise trick would work better...

  2. This morning I am thankful that I am one paragraph shy from completing the church's February newsletter.
    I'm also thankful that there is some sunshine today.
    I'm thankful, too, that I get ideas about how to make exercising less boring from the blogs of friends. What technical gadgetry do you use to listen?
    And, let's see, I'm thankful for dreams that allow me to fantasize about what life might look life if it were different. Like living in Stowe...

  3. While I've been busy enough at work at the beginning of my shifts, the hospice phones have been oddly silent later in the evening. A blessing with all of this snow as Detroit is the last city to plow its citizen's roads.

    I like your exercise plan. Keep up the good work!

  4. I love the idea of listening to audio books while exercising. I'm going to look into what I can download to my iPhone. I need something to get my body moving!

  5. good things to be thankful for. exercise is good and it will ultimately help the arthritis. but still not thankful for sheep?

  6. I get all my audio books from the library. I have two different players that I use - one is a fairly cheap Iriver MP3 player which will play WMA files (what most of the library books are formatted as) & the other is my ancient palm pilot that will only play MP3s. Fortuntately my library has both types of files - so I can have my dedicated exercise book & one for the car (I'm listening to the Girl With the Dragon Tattoo in the car).

  7. Keep on with the exercise; I'm an arthritis expert!

    Hmmm, tough one for me today. Got to fall back on husband and offspring. Ooh, and someone I manage saying something nice about me to someone that manages me.

    Not going to think about the gales and rain, not going to think about the gales and rain...

  8. Well FYI, it is a bit cooler today. It was only in the 50's. Cold enough for you? 11?? wow that is cold.

  9. Well, you already saw my list. We didn't lose power, either, thank goodness. Your exercise strategy sounds smart- good luck!

  10. I am thankful you came to visit my blog today. It's ben sitting there all day and you are the only visitor today. In fact, I was so thankful, I came to visit you and you have inspired me to exercise more. It's such a pain with the arthritis, but I know it helps. Thank you Bug. =D


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