Friday, February 11, 2011

The Poetry Bus is on the Move...

[Note: To see the prompts & other passengers, go here. Highway Patrol officers go here.]

Did everyone read TFE's lovely biography of me? I'm apparently a shrimp these days (as if being 5'4" isn't shrimpy enough!). Ah well, at least Dr. M is quite tall enough for the both of us until science figures out how to restore me to my correct height.

So here is my effort for Monday's bus. Is it dangerous for the driver to be writing poetry too? You be the judge, but please keep in mind that I was in a very silly mood when I wrote this. I chose the middle picture prompt.

It’s kind of like -
a fish out of water -
a Yankee down South -
a frozen word from
a warm heart.
Your icy phrase
banishes me to the
cornfield until
I poke my head
around your
study door
and whisper with
great drama,
“Is it spring yet?”


  1. Oh my lord I do wish it were, Brrr...
    Good one very smooth- Thanks!

  2. Your photo matches the sentiment exactly. You're a talented poet.

  3. "A Yankee down South" Boy, do I know what that's like! Wonderful prompts, Ms. Dana.
    My stuff is up here:

  4. It's almost spring... almost. I know it is, I know it is.

  5. It is Spring, the snowdrops are out here! Lovely poem.

  6. Feeling chilly here. Spring always comes...even when it feels as if it never will

  7. A wonderful poem, wonderful words and wonderful imaginings! And a promise of spring!

  8. Love, humor, and sensitivity...all the necessities of life.

  9. Ha! That made me smile Bugno!
    (a frozen word from a warm heart is a great line)

  10. Sudden coldness can feel like the changing of the seasons all right. Loved it!

  11. "Frozen word from a warm heart" - that is brutal! Or is it?

    I have to let my brain work on this, Bug. I'll see what it cooks up.

  12. a frozen word from
    a warm heart.
    Deadly! :)


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